New Books 2017-03 (Foreign) RSS feed for public list New Books 2017-03 (Foreign) A critical analysis of promise in Scots law and Thai law / by Korrasut Khopuangklang. A day in May : by Bird, Charlie. A life beyond the boundaries / by Anderson, Benedict R. O'G. A million words and counting : by Payack, Paul J. J. A New social contract for Peru : A review of postinflammatory hyperpigmentation : by Napatchar Techataratip, A sarong for Clio : A study on removal of heavy metals from wastewater by floating plants / by Oley Phearkeo. A systematic review of botulinum toxin for hyperhidrosis treatment / by Chanisa Chamnanvad, A Transnational study of law and justice on TV / A World of ideas : Accounting information systems / by Bodnar, George H. Analyzing the distributional impact of reforms / Automatic control systems / by Kuo, Benjamin C., Basic Japanese for expats : Basic Japanese for expats : Before I go to sleep / by Watson, S. J. Beginning constitutional law / by Howard, Nick. Best buys in college education / by Solorzano, Lucia. Beyond reforms : Bridging diversity : by Salmen, Lawrence F., Business communication : by Sumtum Parisuthiman. Business research projects / by Jankowicz, A. D., Cahier d'exercices de francais : by Auffray, Nicolas. Cambridge English IELTS. Cartels in Asia : Cat o'nine tales and other stories / by Archer, Jeffrey, Chasing the last laugh : by Zacks, Richard. Chinese bird-and-flower painting for beginners / by Ma, Zhifeng. Chinese characters / by Wang, Gonglong. Chinese figure painting for beginners / by Jia, Xiangguo. Chinese running script calligraphy for beginner / by Wang, Xianchun. Civilizations and world order : CO2 mitigation in power and residential sectors in Indonesia and Thailand : by Tri Vicca Kusumadewi. Communicative English for tourism / by Kanitta Utawanit. Comparison of lopinavir and ritonavir drug concentrations in plasma and dried blood spots (DBS) in HIV infected patients in Thailand / by Yardpiroon Tawon, Competition law / by Whish, Richard. Confucius / by Li, Yan. Contested waterscapes in the Mekong Region : Controlling administrative power : by Cane, Peter, Coups d'état, revolutions and the question of legitimacy / by Joseph, Lawrence A., Crash course in marketing for libraries / by Alman, Susan Webreck. Critical literacy for information professionals / Critical reading and writing for postgraduates / by Wallace, Mike, Cultural programming : Deutsche und zentraleuropaische Juden in Palastina und Israel : Development of hyper-branched polylactide and preparation of silica/polylactide biocomposites for use in packaging application / by Narisara Jaikaew. Diaspora networks and the international migration of skills : Dictators, democrats, and development in Southeast Asia : by Rock, Michael T. Discourse contextualism : by Silk, Alex. Dying to forget : by Gendzier, Irene L. Dynamic research support for academic libraries / Effect of astaxanthin on cutaneous wound healing / by Atiya Rungjang, Efficacy of sparganium stoloniferum-derived compound in the treatment of acne vulgaris / by Wanvipa Thongborisute. Efficiency analysis of RSPO oil palm farms in Thailand / by Anuparp Saengsathien. Enhancing job opportunities : by Rutkowski, Jan J., Ensiklopedia bahasa Melayu / by Asmah Haji Omar, Essential words for the IELTS / by Lougheed, Lin, European comparative company law / by Andenas, Mads Tonnesson, Expanding opportunities and building competencies for young people : Exploring discovery : Facts about Germany. Film directing : by Harmon, Renee. Filmmaking : by Foss, Bob. Food security, food safety, food quality : Fostering higher growth and employment in the Kingdom of Morocco. Fundamentals of aerodynamics / by Anderson, John D., Fundamentals of technical services / by Sandstrom, John. Fur Recht und Wurde by Einhaus, Hannah. Gender and economic growth in Uganda : by Ellis, Amanda, Geology of Thailand / Giant pandas / Global development finance 2008 : Governing the commons : by Ostrom, Elinor. Government guarantees : by Irwin, Timothy. Higher education in Latin America : Holy war, martyrdom, and terror : by Buc, Philippe, Human development report of Thailand / Human resource management : by Andrews, Sudhir. I am Zlatan Ibrahimovic / by Ibrahimovic, Zlatan, IELTS life skills : by Cosgrove, Anthony. IELTS life skills : by Matthews, Mary. Improving municipal solid waste management in India : In praise of literature / by Bauman, Zygmunt, In search of the way : by Zhang, Weiren. Incentives to improve teaching : International dispute resolution and the public policy exception / by Ghodoosi, Farshad. Internetworking with TCP/IP. by Comer, Douglas. Intonation and meaning / by Buring, Daniel. Isle of dogs / by Cornwell, Patricia Daniels. Jalan desa ke kota / by Baharuddin Zainal. Jane Eyre / by Bronte, Charlotte, Jewish Ireland in the age of Joyce : by O Grada, Cormac. Kamus Dewan / by Iskandar, Karl Polanyi : by Dale, Gareth. Keeping the promise of social security in Latin America / by Gill, Indermit Singh, Key indicators of developing Asian and Pacific countries / Kumpulan Gurindam : by Nazim Mohd. Subari. Kyōsei to kibō no kyōikugaku = L'atelier de Kafka / by Berger, David. Le cas du hasard : by De Luca, Erri, Le Grand Larousse de l'histoire de France / Le jardin de roses / by Saʻdī. Legal Profession (Professional Conduct) Rules 2015 : by Pinsler, Jeffrey. Legion ; by Sanderson, Brandon. Lives of Chinese emperors / Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University / Making a large irrigation scheme work : by Aw, Djibril, Making identity count : Making the new Indonesia work for the poor. Manufacturing processes for engineering materials / by Kalpakjian, Serope, Mastering subject specialties : Mechanics of materials / by Beer, Ferdinand P. Mesurement of antiretroviral drug levels prior to HIV-1 resistance testing to predict detection of HIV-1 resistance mutations for patients with virological failure / by Jiraporn Khamkon, Metadata standards and Web services in libraries, archives, and museums : by Mitchell, Erik T., Microeconomics for today's world / by Tucker, Irvin B. Migrant labor remittances in South Asia / Modified hydrotalcites for improvement of dark fermentative hydrogen production / by Diep, Thi Hong Le. Momok / by Seni Saowaphong. Monsoon country / by Pira Sudham, Nanoencapsulation of eugenol by Beta-cyclodextrin / by Shunya Rodpothong. Natural resources, neither curse nor destiny / NCDs situation and multi-sectoral actions for prevention and control in Thailand / by Adisak Sattam. New cutting edge : New public administration in Britain / by Greenwood, John R. No "I" in the world / by Phra Varasak Varadhammo, Personality psychology / Point made : by Guberman, Ross. Point taken : by Guberman, Ross. Post sovereign constitution making : by Arato, Andrew. Postponing truth and other poems = by Baharuddin Zainal. Postponing truth and other poems = by Baharuddin Zainal. Poverty environment nexus : Poverty reduction and growth : Power and international relations : by Baldwin, David A. Practical tips for facilitating research / by Bent, Moira. Principles of financial & managerial accounting using excel for success / by Reeve, James M., Principles of international environmental law / by Sands, Philippe Joseph, Private water rights / by Robbie, Jill. Qualitative research design : by Maxwell, Joseph Alex, Radicals, revolutionaries, and terrorists / by Beck, Colin J. Random House Webster's handy grammar, usage & punctuation. RDA essentials / by Brenndorfer, Thomas. Reading Heidegger's Black Notebooks 1931-1941 / Readings in articulatory phonetics. by Harris, Jimmy G. Red revolution, green revolution : by Schmalzer, Sigrid. Redesign your library website / by Wittmann, Stacy Ann. Reimagining reference in the 21st century / Religion and international relations theory / Religion in sociological perspective / by Roberts, Keith A. Remittances : Repositioning nutrition as central to development : Resolve in international politics / by Kertzer, Joshua D., Retorik : by Amida Abdulhamid. Safeguarding fundamental rights in digital systems by Di Fabio, Udo. Shamsul A. B. : Shenzhou / by Shi, Lei. Short and long suture technique of thread lift : by Panprapa Yongtrakul, Social movements and new technology / by Carty, Victoria. Sound investing : by Mooney, Kate. Sous le charme du fait divers : by Goyet, Mara, Space, power and the commons : Spending wisely : Stateless Rohingya-- running on empty / States and social revolutions : by Skocpol, Theda. Strengthening of RC members using natural fiber composites / by Seyha, Yinh. Sun Tzu's art of war : by Tao, Hanzhang. Suzhou / by Wu, Wen. Synopses of science and engineering papers, Graduate school of Science and Engineering, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan. The alchemist / by Coelho, Paulo. The best of me / by Sparks, Nicholas. The boundary stones of thought : by Rumfitt, Ian. The China dream / by Li, Junru, The compass of now / by Dhitinart Napattalung. The concept of logical consequence : by McKeon, Matthew W. The constitution of Belgium : by Popelier, P. The entrepreneur's book of checklists : by Ashton, Robert. The fascist effect : by Hofmann, Reto, The Freedom of peaceful assembly in Europe / The girl who played with fire / by Larsson, Stieg, The Global family planning revolution : The government and politics of the European Union / by Nugent, Neill. The great wall / by Sun, Zhisheng. The Insurance Act 2015 : The invisible Jewish Budapest : by Gluck, Mary. The logical structure of kinds / by Funkhouser, Eric. The lost symbol : by Brown, Dan, The Niger River basin : The Recovery of non-pecuniary loss in European contract law / The renaissance of the sun / by Montri Umavijani, The road not traveled : by Galal, Ahmed, The shadow of the wind / by Ruiz Zafon, Carlos, Things can be done : Topical 3% tranexamic acid enhances the efficacy of 1064-NM Q-switched neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet laser (Q-switched Nd: YAG) in the treatment of melasma / by Variya Laothaworn, Truss optimization using symbolic finite element solutions / by Lean, Chantrea. Ultimate book of business forms / by Thomas, Karen Unequal worlds : Utilization of wet fly ash in concrete / by Nguyen, Thuy Bich Thi. Varieties of logic / by Shapiro, Stewart, Vector field guided tool path for five-axis machining / by Samart Moodleah. Vivat Saint Petersburg / by Medvednikov, Anatoli. Warranties in marine insurance / by Soyer, Baris. Water, electricity, and the poor : WIPO : Zero to one : by Thiel, Peter A. คู่มือใช้กล้องดิจิตอล SLR ฉบับสมบูรณ์ : by ประสิทธิ์ จันเสรีกร. มูลนิธิส่งเสริมศิลปาชีพในสมเด็จพระนางเจ้าสิริกิติ์ พระบรมราชินีนาถ / ศาสตร์แห่งบัฟเฟตต์ : by บัฟเฟตต์, แมรี่.