Plant mutation breeding and biotechnology / edited by Q.Y. Shu, B.P.Forster, H. Nakagawa. - Wallingford, Oxfordshire, UK ; Cambridge, MA : Rome, Italy : CABI ; FAO, c2012. - 608 p. : col. ill.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

SECTION 1. CONCEPTS, HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT AND GENETIC BASIS. Plant Mutagenesis in Crop Improvement: Basic Terms and Applications / B.P. Forster and Q.Y. Shu -- A Brief History of Plant Mutagenesis / M.C. Kharkwal -- The Structure and Regulation of Genes and Consequences of Genetic Mutations / S. Lee, S. Costanzo and Y. Jia -- Mutation Categories / U. Lundqvist, J.D. Franckowiak and B.P. Forster -- DNA Repair Pathways and Genes in Plant / M. Curtis -- Double-Stranded DNA Break, Repair and Associated Mutations / K. Osakabe, M. Endo and S. Toki -- SECTION II. MUTAGENS AND INDUCED MUTAGENESIS. Mutagenic Radiations: X-Rays, Ionizing Particles and Ultraviolet / C. Mba, R. Afza and Q.Y. Shu -- Gamma Irradiation / C. Mba and Q.Y. Shu -- Ion Beam Radiation Mutagenesis / T. Abe, H. Ryuto and N. Fukunishi -- Ion Implantation Mutagenesis / H.Y. Feng and Z.L. Yu -- Effects of Radiation on Living Cells and Plants / P.J.L. Lagoda -- Chemical Mutagenesis / J.M. Leitô -- Sodium Azide as a Mutagen / D. Gruszka, I. Szarejko and M. Maluszynski -- SECTION III. MUTATION INDUCTION AND MUTANT DEVELOPMENT. Methodology for Physical and Chemical Mutagenic Treatments / C. Mba et al. -- Chimeras and Mutant Gene Transmission / A.R. Prina, A.M. Landau and M.G.Pacheco -- Chimeras: Properties and Dissociation in Vegetatively Propagated Plants / T. Geier -- Mutation Induction in Cytoplasmic Genomes / A.R. Prina, M.G. Pacheco and A.M. Landau -- Strategies and Approaches in Mutant Population Development for Mutant Selection in Seed Propagated Crops / Y. Ukai and H. Nakagawa -- Irradiation -- Facilitated Chromosomal Translocation: Wheat as an Example / H-Y. Wang, Z-H. Liu, P-D.Chen and X-E. Wang -- Molecular Techniques and Methods for Mutation Detection and Screening in Plants / Q.Y. Shu et al. -- Discovery of Chemically Induced Mutations by TILLING / R. Bovina et al. -- A Protocol for TILLING and Eco-TILLING / B.J. Till, T. Zerr, L. Comai and S. Henikoff -- Applications of DNA Marker Techniques in Plant Mutation Research / D. Wu, Q.Y. Shu and C. Li -- SECTION IV. MUTATION BREEDING. Principles and Applications of Plant Mutation Breeding / Q.Y. Shu, B.P. Forster and H. Nakagawa -- Mutant Phenotyping and Pre-Breeding in Barley / B.P. Forster et al. -- Mutation Breeding of Vegetatively Propagated Crops / P. Suprasanna and H. Nakagawa -- Uses of TILLING For Crop Improvement / A.J. Slade and C.P. Moehs -- Applications of In Vitro Techniques in Mutation Breeding of Vegetatively Propageatd Crops / P. Suprasanna et al. -- Haploid Mutagenesis / I. Szarejko -- Use of Irradiated Pollen to Induce Parthenogenesis and Haploid Production in Fruit Crops / M.A. Germana -- Herbicide-Tolerant Crops Developed from Mutations / S. Tan and S.J. Bowe -- Mutation Breeding for Fatty Acid Composition in Soybean / Y. Takagi, T. Anai and H. Nagakawa -- Genetic Improvement of Basmati Rice Through Mutation Breeding / G.J.N. Rao, A. Patnaik and D. Chaudhary -- Mutation Breeding of Sweet Cherry (Prunus avium L.) var. 0900 Ziraat / B. Kunter, M. Bas, Y. Kantoglu and M. Burak -- SECTION V. MUTATIONS IN FUNCTIONAL GENOMICS. Cloning Genes for Mineral Uptake: Examples Using Rice Mutants / J.F. Ma -- Molecular Genetics of Symbiotic Plant Microbe Interactions in a Model Legume, Lotus Japonicus / H. Kouchi -- Mutational Dissection of the Phytochrome Genetic Systems in Rice / M. Takano, X. Xianzhi and N. Inagaki -- T-DNA Insertion Mutagenesis / R.S. Sangwan, S. Ochatt, J-E. Nava-Saucedo and B. Sangwan-Norreel -- Transposon Mutagenesis for Functional Genomics / Q.H. Zhu, N. Upadhyaya and C. Helliwell -- Site-Directed Mutagenesis in Higher Plants / K. Osakabe, H. Saika, A. Okuzaki and S. Toki -- Phenomics in Plant Biological Research and Mutation Breeding / C.R. Schunk and M. Eberius.

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Plant mutation breeding.
Plant biotechnology.

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