New Books 2017-04 (Foreign) RSS feed for public list New Books 2017-04 (Foreign) [Dejitaru jinbungaku no susume / [Gakusei no chikara o nobasu daigaku kyoiku : [Han zi bu shou li jie] = by Huang, Weijia, [Hasan moshitate manyuaru / [Iroha shiryo to yoji bunseki : by Mitsuta, Keiichi, [Iryo keizaigaku, chiiki iryogaku / [Izu bungakusho yushu sakuhinshu : [Kindai gakumon no kigen to hensei / [Kindai supōtsumanshippu no tanjō to seichō / by Abe, Ikuo, [Ko no kangoken funso kaiketsu no hoteki kadai : by Watanabe, Yoshihiro, [Matsuo Basho to sono monryu : by Watanuki, Toyoaki, [Nihon Ginko no kinō to gyomu / [Nihon no kindaika to purotesutantizumu / [Nihon no kirei no atarimae : [Seiiki : [Shakai hosho seido o katsuyo shita seikatsu saiken shien / [Taiiku jugyo no mokuhyō to hyoka / by Kihara, Seiichiro, [Tetsugakushi no gekijo : by Sasazawa, Yutaka, 101 stories for foreigners to understand Chinese people / by Ellis Shen, Yi. 8 1/2 9th ICED Conference 2012 : A history of modern India / by Banerjee-Dube, Ishita. A history of weapons : by O'Bryan, John. A little primer of Tu Fu / by Hawkes, David. A multiple observing times approach for real-time contact-free heart rate measurement using a webcam / by Vasitphon Pawankiattikun. A music video recommender system based on emotion classification on user comments / by Phakhawat Sarakit. A passion for society : by Wilkinson, Iain, A poetry handbook / by Oliver, Mary, Abolitions as a global experience / Advances in natural deduction : Advertising and promotion : by Belch, George Eugene. Advertising and promotion management, by Rossiter, John R. Air cargo loading management systems for logistics forwarders / by Hai, Thi Hong Ha. Alexandre Grothendieck : by Douroux, Philippe. An Experimental study on inhibition of bed agglomeration during fluidized-bed combustion of high-alkali biomass / by Priatna Suheri. An Instructional support system for Muay Thai / by Ketchart Kaewplee. An introduction to critical thinking and creativity : by Lau, Joe Y. F., An order picking operation improvement in a cross-dock distribution center using simulation model : by Ronnaporn Pattawekongka. Analyser les discours institutionnels / by Krieg-Planque, Alice. Analysis of characterisation models for disease and economic burdens from human toxicity caused by coal-fired power plant in Thailand / by Saovanit Udompong. Applied ordinal logistic regression using Stata : by Liu, Xing Applied theatre : by Prentki, Tim. Apprendre a vivre avec les attentats : by Tenenbaum, Sylvie. Arts in China / by Jin, yong. Automatic screening system for detection of diabetic retinopathy / by Ghaffar, Faisal. Batman v Superman : Behavior modification : by Miltenberger, Raymond G. Biodiversity / Biomarker validation : Black man, White House : by Hughley, D. L. Blue Jasmine Bontrager's handbook of radiographic positioning and techniques / by Bontrager, Kenneth L. Brunei : Burns and Grove's the practice of nursing research : by Gray, Jennifer, Cesium removal from wastewater using grapheng oxidex (Gos) / by Patcharanat Kaewmee. CFD-based analysis and optimization of wind boosters for low speed vertical axis wind turbines / by Natapol Korprasertsak. Chaos monkeys : by Garcia Martínez, Antonio, Chengdu : by Quian, Jack. China's economic statecraft : Chinese calligraphy : by Chen, Tingyou, Chinese house / by Li, Risong. Chinese poetic writing : by Cheng, François, Chinese tea : by Liu, Tong. Cities in China / by Wang, Jie. Coconut meal, konjac, and jerusalem artichoke tuber digestion by microwave raddiation and HCL as a catalyst facilitated hydrolysis / by Viet Bui, Cuong. Communicative musicality : Comparative labor law / Comparative law as critique / by Frankenberg, Gunter. Comparative tort law : Comparison of mono lingual and cross lingual acoustic models in Myanmar digits speech recognition systems / by Zin Zin Tun. Composition as identity / Comprehensive radiographic pathology / by Eisenberg, Ronald L. Cong Zhongguo li shi lai kan Zhongguo min zu xing ji Zhongguo wen hua = by Qian, Mu, Contrast media in practice : Countryside of China / by Guo, Huancheng. Court delay and human rights remedies : by Savvidis, Caroline. Craftworks of China / by Tan, Song. Critical perspectives on the security and protection of human rights defenders / Culture & history in postrevolutionary China : by Dirlik, Arif. Dag Prawitz on proofs and meaning / Design and development of an omni-directional robot platform for outdoor surface applications / by Widagdo, Purbowaskito. Design and development of portable image-based acquisition system / by Molticha Rangsiyangkoon. Development of core-shell latex particles by emulsion polymerization : by Borthakur, Lakhya Jyoti. Diaspora and trust : by Hearn, Adrian H., Dictionary of agriculture. Dictionnaire des verbes du francais actuel : by Florea, Ligia Stela. Digital image processing / by Gonzalez, Rafael C. Digital radiography and PACS / by Carter, Christi E. Dimensions of dignity : by Weinrib, Jacob, Discrimination and privacy in the information society : Dude, you're a fag : by Pascoe, C. J., Early modern Southeast Asia, 1350-1800 / East 43rd Street / by Battersby, Alan. Elements de stylistique francaise / by Molinie, Georges. Encapsulation of policosanol enriched sugarcane wax for food suppliment application / by Sirin Sittiwanichai. Engineering electromagnetics and waves / by Inan, Umran S. Engineering vibration / by Inman, D. J. Entretiens avec Mussolini / by Ludwig, Emil, Estimation of traffic state from web based service using live CCTV data / by Sok Ching. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind Ethnic minorities of China / by Xu, Ying. Evaluation of refuse derived fuel (RDF) as alternative energy source for the palm oil industry and its potential environmental impact / by Siriporn Boonpa. Every Frenchman has one / by De Havilland, Olivia. Exile in colonial Asia : Experiential learning : by Kolb, David A., Exploring the world of J.S. Bach : by Marshall, Robert Lewis. Feminist studies : by Lykke, Nina. Festivals of China's ethnic minorities / by Xing, Li. Field and wave electromagnetics / by Cheng, David Keun, Financial information farmer groups in Thailand 2015 / Finding Dory Flexural strengthening of RC beams with sisal fiber composites / by Khan, Arslan Qayyum. Folk woodcarving / by Wang, Kangsheng, Forest path : Framed : by Kennedy, Robert Francis, Future ปัญญาอนาคต / by ภิญโญ ไตรสุริยธรรมา. Gagner la paix : by Guieu, Jean-Michel. Ghetto : by Duneier, Mitchell. Global injustice and crime control / by Laverick, Wendy. Gray's anatomy review / Handbook of law and economics / Hannibal. Hannibal. Heat transfer in medicine and biology : Hindu myths : His Majesty the King and the Privy Council / Histoire de France : by Lavisse, Ernest, Histoire de France / Histoire de la France : by Cornette, Joel. Histoire de la France : by Cornette, Joel. Histoire de la France coloniale : Histoire de la France coloniale 1914-1990 / Histoire des Gaules / by Delaplace, Christine. Histoire du XIXe siecle / Histoire sociale de la France au XIXe siecle / by Charle, Christophe, HSK strategies vocabulary handbook (elementary-intermediate) = by Zhu, Ning. Hydrogen production from methanol-steam reforming reaction / by Chaichan Siriruang. Imagined futures : by Beckert, Jens, Independence day Integrated production and distribution with perishability management in logistics system / by Ho, Minh Ngoc. Intercultural pragmatics / by Kecskes, Istvan, International business law and the legal environment : by DiMatteo, Larry A. International paper-cut fine works = International principles on the independence and accountability of judges, lawyers and prosecutors / by Zeitune, Jose. Introduction a l'analyse stylistique : by Fromilhague, Catherine. Introduction a la stylistique / by Calas, Frederic. Introduction to quantum mechanics / by Griffiths, David J. Investigation of effective elastic properties of frame-like periodic cellular solids by strain-energy-based homogenization / by Kasem Theerakittayakorn. Kano Jigoro : Khan's lectures : by Khan, Faiz M. Koko ga shiritai haiku nyumon : by Ogawa, Keishu, Korean cinema. Kung Fu Panda 3 L'espoir brise : by Jacquemond, Louis-Pascal. La France antijuive de 1936 : La France au XVIe siecle / by Cassan, Michel. La France de 1914 a nos jours / La linguistique textuelle / by Adam, Jean-Michel. La Revolution francaise : by Biard, Miguel. La revolution industrielle 1780-1880 / by Rioux, Jean-Pierre, La textualite du droit : by Goyard-Fabre, Simone. Labor and the locavore : by Gray, Margaret, Landscape painting of ancient China / Le livre interdit : by Walter, Georges. Le voisin de zero : by Cixous, Helene, Learning places : Length, strength and Kinesio tape : by Bridges, Thuy. Lexicologie : by Lehmann, Alise. Liberal peace transitions : by Richmond, Oliver P. Lifestyle in China / by Gong, Wen. Listening to killers : by Garbarino, James. Living a feminist life / by Ahmed, Sara, London : by Ackroyd, Peter, London has fallen Long term electricity planning and CO2 mitigation in Vietnam and Thailand / by Vu, Thi Hong Thuy. Love and intimacy in online cross-cultural relationships : by Wilasinee Pananakhonsab. Love the Coopers Magic in the moonlight Magical tour of China. Manual of commercial methods in clinical microbiology / Manual of molecular and clinical laboratory immunology / Maritime silk road / by Li, Qingxin, Mathematical modeling of CSF dynamic force and quantification of CSF velocity at the narrowest point of aqueduct of Sylvia by CFD analysis / by Amila Hemantha Thalakotunage. Mechanical vibrations / by Rao, S. S. Medical mycology : Men are from Mars, women are from Venus : by Gray, John Henderson, Metabolism and bacterial pathogenesis / Micro- and nanosystems for biotechnology / Modeling and performance testing for general visible light communication channel / by Piyaphat Phukphan. Models for predicting thermal properties and temperature in mass concrete containing ground granulated blast furnace slag / by Dabarera, Arosha. Molecular genetics of mycobacteria / Morphology of the folktale / by Propp, V. IA. Motif-index of folk-literature : by Thompson, Stith, Nagai Hiroaki. by Nagai, Hiroaki, National pasts in Europe and East Asia / by Preston, P. W. Natural wonders in China / by Liu, Ying. Noble strategy : by Thanissaro, Notes toward a performative theory of assembly / by Butler, Judith, Nuclear medicine and PET/CT : Nutrition for elite athletes / Opera 101 : by Plotkin, Fred, Operations management / by Stevenson, William J. Optimal inventory control policy of a hybrid manufacturing-remanufacturing system using a hybrid simulation optimization algorithm / by Patsorn Thammatadatrakul. Parteiengesetz und Recht der Kandidatenaufstellung : by Lenski, Sophie-Charlotte. Petits et grands mensonges de l'histoire de France / by Arbois, Julien. Photocatalytic degradation of humic acid in a water environment / by Putri Ardyarini Sekartaji. Physics : by Giancoli, Douglas C. Pour en finir avec le Moyen Age / by Pernoud, Regine, Practical imaging informatics : Practical radiological anatomy / by McWilliams, Sarah. Practical radiotherapy planning / Practical reasoning about final ends / by Richardson, Henry S. Pride and prejudice and zombies Prioritization of traffic sign replacement using the analytic network process / by Ponjanat Ubolchay. Promoting compliance : Proton and carbon ion therapy / Qu'est-ce que le Tiers etat? / by Sieyes, Emmanuel Joseph, Quality management in the imaging sciences / by Papp, Jeffrey. Quality of life : by Fayers, Peter M. Quick access to Chinese history. Radiobiology for the radiologist / by Hall, Eric J. Reforming Thai politics / Road safety index development for multi-lane highways in Thailand / by Pimnapa Pongsayaporn. Sciences, techniques, pouvoirs et societes en Europe (France, Angleterre, Italie, Pays-Bas) : by Grell, Chantal. Scratching out a living : by Stuesse, Angela, Searching for the way : by Rosker, Jana, Sears and Zemansky's university physics : by Young, Hugh D. Second language research : by Mackey, Alison. Seven brief lessons on physics / by Rovelli, Carlo, Shareholders' agreements / by Muth, Graham. Siam's new detectives : by Lim, Samson W., Silver nanostructure sensor for detection of PPB concentration hydrogen sulfide gas / by Somphon Tripan. Singular and plural : by Woolard, Kathryn Ann. Sinologists as translators in the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries / Sinology in post-communist states : Small arms survey 2015 : Social media text classification by enhancing the well-formed text trained model / by Phat Jotikabukkana. Social problems and the quality of life / by Lauer, Robert H. Socialism of fools : by Battini, M. Solid state electronic devices / by Streetman, Ben G. Star trek. Stories of China's environmental NGOs / by Cao, Baoyin. Straight jacket : by Todd, Matthew. Study on inspection and evaluation of damaged steel structure in Thailand / by Warakorn Tantrapongsaton. Study on methods for minimizing gaseous emissions and preventing bed agglomeration during fluidized-bed combustion of oil palm residues / by Pichet Ninduangdee. Subjectivity in Asian children's literature and film : Sudden music : by Rothenberg, David, Summaries of judgments, advisory opinions and orders of the International Court of Justice, 2008-2012. Summaries of judgments, advisory opinions and orders of the Permanent Court of International Justice. Supotsu no shogai to shogai o nakusu : Synthesis and application of oxidized chitosan as an antiscaling agent in sugar evaporators / by Le, Tu Phuong Pham. Synthesis and characterization of titanosilicate compounds for Pb (II) / by Wipada Moonkambil. Synthesis of nitrogen-doped metal oxides and their application in photocatalytic degradation of dyes / by Hanggara Sudrajat. TACT manuals. TACT manuals. TACT manuals. Talk about China in English. Talk about China in English. Talk about China in English. Talk about China in English. Talk about China in English. Talk about China in English. Talk about China in English. Talkc about China in English. Terrorism and global power systems / by Junaid, Shahwar. Thai rice : by Benjavan Rerkasem. Thailand beyond the crisis / Thailand's gems & jewelry guide book / The art of Chinese painting : by Lin, Ci. The atmosphere : by Lutgens, Frederick K. The Behaviors of plasma during pellet injection in Tokamak plasma / by Ponkris Klaywittaphat. The classic Chinese novel : by Hsia, Chih-tsing, The collected poems of Li He / by Li, He, The connotations of magical girl animations : by Thanakorn Passananon. The Directory for Bangkok and Siam 1925. The efficiency measurement of Asean banks and determinants / by Phang, Sokim. The electronic waste management systems : by Li, Liang. The Greening of China / by Murray, Geoffrey, The Heming way : by Beckerman, Marty. The hunchback of Notre-Dame / by Hugo, Victor, The international law of belligerent occupation / by Dinstein, Yoram. The Legend of Mawangdui / The making of international human rights : by Jensen, Steven L. B., The New visibility of religion : The people between the rivers : by Churchman, Catherine, The politics and economics of Britain's foreign aid : by Lankester, Tim. The politics of authoritarian rule / by Svolik, Milan W., The Queen The rebirth of the moral self : by Rosker, Jana, The regulation of international trade / by Mavroidis, Petros C. The Routledge concise history of Southeast Asian writing in English / by Patke, Rajeev S. The sports of China's ethnic minority groups / by Zhang, Tao, The story of 798 / by Ye, Ying, The tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark / by Shakespeare, William, The university murders / by MacAndrew, Richard. The Vanished ancient Liangzhu kingdom / The Wolf of Wall Street The works of Nicholas Tarling on Southeast Asia / by Tarling, Nicholas. Theory of vibrations with applications / by Thomson, William Tyrrell. Thermal dosimetry and treatment planning / by Gautherie, Michel. Traffic state analysis of expressways in Bangkok urban area using wab-based data / by Sor, Chhivhout. Train to Busan Trois siecles d'histoire de France : by Lenotre, G., Tyrants : by Newell, Waller R. Understanding the tacit / by Turner, Stephen P., Une autre histoire / by Ribbe, Claude, Vers la guerre des identites? : Verschworungen, Verschworungstheorien und die Geheimnisse des 11.9. / by Brockers, Mathias, Wadjda Waste away : by Reno, Joshua. Wave of destruction : by Krauss, Erich, Weapons of math destruction : by O'Neil, Cathy. Wear and tear : by Tynan, Tracy. What is populism? / by Muller, Jan-Werner, When sun meets moon : by Kugle, Scott Alan, White ghosts, yellow peril : by Eldred-Grigg, Stevan, Who wants to be a millionaire? : Wilderness protection in Europe : Working skin : by Hankins, Joseph D. Writing history : by Storey, William Kelleher. Zhongguo wen hua chuan tong de liu ge mian xiang = by Lee, Leo Ou-Fan. Zi you ren de ping deng zheng zhi = by Zhou, Baosong. รายงานประจำปี.