New Books 2015-12 (Foreign) RSS feed for public list New Books 2015-12 (Foreign) (Re)labeling / by Cecchetto, Carlo. #Accelerate# / 100 questions (and answers) about statistics / by Salkind, Neil J. 2052 : by Randers, Jorgen. 49 myths about China / by Galtung, Marte Kjær, 77 Prague legends / by Jezkova, Alena, A survey of bilingual students' attitudes towards learning English as a foreign language / by Chaitawat Hongsukhan, A companion to George Eliot / A Companion to Russian history / A companion to survey research / by Ornstein, Michael D. A comparative study of English and Thai : by Napasri Timyam. A compendium of the comparative grammar of the Indo-European, Sanskrit, Greek and Latin Languages. by Schleicher, August, A concise companion to postwar British and Irish poetry / A corpus-based analysis of abandon, renounce, and relinquish / by Phonlawat Chalong, A corpus-based analysis of the synonyms : by Kamolwan Punyasuth, A corpus-based study of English synonym : by Nutavit Sirikan, A corpus-based study of the English synonyms deadly, lethal, and fatal / by Supanut Supachai, A corpus-based study of verb + noun collocation : by Mananya Ramaithitima, A dance to the music of time. by Powell, Anthony, A dance to the music of time. by Powell, Anthony, A dance to the music of time. by Powell, Anthony, A dance to the music of time. by Powell, Anthony, A first course in probability / by Ross, Sheldon M. A history of Indian philosophy. by Dasgupta, Surendranath Nath, A History of indian philosophy. by Dasgupta, Surendranath Nath, A history of Indian philosophy. by Dasgupta, Surendranath Nath, A history of Indian philosophy. by Dasgupta, Surendranath Nath, A History of indian philosophy. by Dasgupta, Surendranath Nath, A History of women in medicine : by Hurd-Mead, Kate Campbell, A l'Opera, monsieur! : by Baumont, Olivier. A million years of music : by Tomlinson, Gary. A modern history of the stomach : by Miller, Ian, A polite and commercial people : by Langford, Paul. A poststructuralist discourse theory of global politics / by Nabers, Dirk, A research guide to the ancient world : by Weeks, John M. A social history of medicine : by Lane, Joan. A study of employees' motivation factors in attending training provided by Toyota Academy Thailand / by Yaninsiree Olarnthanakiat. A study of the correlation between cognitive test anxiety of Thai chemical technology students and their academic performance / by Nawarat Mueangkham. A superpower transformed : by Sargent, Daniel J. A survey of human resources service staff's needs assessment regarding English communication in an international automative factory in Rayong / by Nachanok Tassana, A survey on attitudes of Thai university students towards cabin crew career / by Morakot Radomkit, A survey study of language learning strategies used by Thai high school students in an English program / by Kesinee Thangpatipan, A survey study of perceived reading strategy use by EFL postgraduate students in an English program at Thammasat University / by Chartsiam Niyomyaht. A two-tiered theory of control / by Landau, Idan. Access to Asia : by Schweitzer, Sharon, Action research : by Mertler, Craig A. Adams and Victor's principles of neurology / by Ropper, Allan H. Adolf Bastian and the psychic unity of mankind : by Kopping, Klaus-Peter. Advances in applied microbiology. After Darwin : After defeat : by Zarakol, Ayse. Against authenticity : by Feldman, Simon, Alexander von Humboldt : by Rupke, Nicolaas A. Alibaba's world : by Erisman, Porter. Ambedkar's world : by Zelliot, Eleanor, An agent-based model of polycentric city formation : by Eva Ayaragarnchanakul. An agrarian history of South Asia / by Ludden, David E. An introduction to community and public health / by McKenzie, James F., An introduction to systemic functional linguistics / by Eggins, Suzanne. An investigation into student and teacher difficulties with English language science instruction at a late partial immersion English program in Northeastern Thailand / by Croyle, Jeffrey, An investigation of the use of English reading strategies by Matthayom 6 students at Benjamarachutit school, Nakhorn Si Thammarat / by Ratchadaporn Pattarawangfa, Analyse comparative des films le Fabuleux Destin d' Amelie Poulain et Citizen Dog / by Cherprang Busayakanit, Anatomy for dental students / by Atkinson, M.E. Android application development : by Kurniawan, Budi. Android Studio application development : by Cruz Zapata, Belen, Animal philosophy : Annual report / Armed martial arts of Japan : by Hurst, G. Cameron, Arrival of the fittest : by Wagner, Andreas, Asia First : by Mao, Joyce. Asia inside out : Asking questions : by Bradburn, Norman M., Attitudes of Japanese speaking employees toward English language / by Thanaporn Phaesaengchan, Balkan genocides : by Mojzes, Paul. Barron's GMAT : by Jaffe, Eugene D. Barron's new GRE Graduate Record Examination / by Green, Sharon, Basic biostatistics : by Gerstman, B. Burt. Basic guide to medical emergencies in the dental practice / by Jevon, Philip. Beat the crowd : by Fisher, Kenneth L. Becoming a teacher through action research : by Phillips, Donna Kalmbach. Behavioral dentistry / Being George Washington : by Beck, Glenn. Bell's oral and facial pain / by Okeson, Jeffrey P. Betel chewing traditions in South-East Asia / by Rooney, Dawn. Beyond physicalism : Black beauty / by Sewell, Anna, Black women of the Harlem Renaissance era / Blake, Lavater and physiognomy / by Erle, Sibylle. Breaking banks : by King, Brett, Britain, Europe and national identity : by Gibbins, Justin, British historians and national identity : by Brundage, Anthony, Building a new world : Business basics for dentists / by Willis, David O. Business marketing management : by Hutt, Michael D. Business regulation. Business regulation. Business regulation. Business risk and simulation modelling in practice : by Rees, Michael, Calculus / by Stewart, James, Cannibal metaphysics : by Castro, Eduardo Batalha Viveiros de. Capitalism in the web of life : by Moore, Jason W. Ce pays qui te ressemble : by Nathan, Tobie. Centenary of the Visit of King of Siam Chulalongkorn (Rama V) to Poland / Changing models of capitalism in Europe and the US / Chemical engineering students' needs of English for their postgraduate study / by Chattip Prommuak, Child abuse and child neglect in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series and The Casual Vacancy / by Kamonlaporn Sirisophon, Children as treasures : by Jones, Mark A. China and international security : China and international security : China and international security : China's disruptors : by Tse, Edward. China's energy and security relations with Russia : Civil War medicine, 1861-1865 / by Wilbur, C. Keith, Climate change and the course of global history : by Brooke, John L., Clinical periodontology and implant dentistry. Clinical periodontology and implant dentistry. Cohen's pathways of the pulp / Cold intimacies : by Illouz, Eva, Commercial application of astrology for business / by Teerapipat Suttithum, Common formative assessment : by Bailey, Kim. Communication strategies used by street vendors in conversing with foreign tourists on Panyi Islan, Phangnga / by Pemika Kerdlarp, Community-based participatory research / by Hacker, Karen. Comparative rhetorical structure of master's thesis discussion chapters in ELT written by NS and NNS students / by Niwat Wuttisrisiriporn, Competition law and economic regulation : by Dunne, Niamh, Computability : Condemned to repetition? : by Bennett, Andrew, Consciousness, attention, and conscious attention / by Montemayor, Carlos. Consigned by Luang Pu : by Phra Rajavarakhun (Somsak) Constitution making during state building / by Wallis, Joanne. Constructing the social / Consumer protection against unfair marketing practices in the sales of goods / by Kankanit Srisuphan, Consumerism and the emergence of the middle class in Colonial America / by Hodge, Christina J. Contemporary fixed prosthodontics / by Rosenstiel, Stephen F. Corporate finance : Corporate finance workbook : Corrected MRI GCM data for Thailand : by Sucharit Koontanakulvong. Correspondance 1954-1968 : by Celan, Paul, Creating and sustaining online professional learning communities / Crimea : by Figes, Orlando. Crisis communication. Crisis communication. Crisis communication. Crisis communication. Critical care medicine at a glance / by Leach, Richard M. Critical readings on the emperors of Japan. Critical readings on the emperors of Japan. Critical readings on the emperors of Japan. Critique of everyday life. by Lefebvre, Henri, Critique of everyday life. by Lefebvre, Henri, Cross-cultural management in work organisations / by French, Ray, Crowdsourcing our cultural heritage / CSR by heart : Cultural policy / by Bell, David, Cultures of neurasthenia from Beard to the First World War / Dag Hammarskjold remembered : Daily English Conversation = by ทิพย์ธิดา บุตรฉุย. Darwin in the archives : Darwin's ghosts : by Stott, Rebecca. Debates in modern philosophy : Defense of Japan 2010 / Democratic royalism : by Kuhn, William M. Dental instruments : by Bartolomucci Boyd, Linda R. Deontic logic and legal systems / by Navarro, Pablo E., Der Wind trägt die Worte : by Lewin, Waldtraut, Dermatology at a glance / by Chowdhury, Mahbub M. U. Design for experience : by Kim, Jinwoo. Development of Qigong nursing therapeutic program for women with menopausal syndromes / by Srinuan Osotsatian. Diagnosis and risk prediction of dental caries / by Axelsson, Per, Digital disciplines : by Weinman, Joe, Dreamland of humanists : by Levine, Emily J. Dry cargo chartering / Duties beyond borders : by Hoffmann, Stanley. Dying for ideas : by Bradatan, Costica. Earth science / by Feather, Ralph M. East Asian development model : Ecology / by Cain, Michael Lee, Economic fluctuations and the role of monetary policy : by Ratchanon Chotiputsilp, Economics for investment decision makers : Economics for investment decision makers workbook : Elementary syntactic structures : by Boeckx, Cedric. Elements of logical reasoning / by Von Plato, Jan. Elizabeth Taylor, 1932-2011 / by Gliatto, Tom. Empire of signs / by Barthes, Roland. Encyclopaedia of language assessment and development : Encyclopedia of environmental change. Encyclopedia of environmental change. Encyclopedia of environmental change. Encyclopedia of the Incas / Ending the fossil fuel era / Endodontology : by Ricucci, Domenico. Energy security. Energy security. Energy security. Energy security. Energy security. Energy security. Engaging with social work : by Morley, Christine. English language needs analysis of Thai massage therapists at spas on Khaosarn Road, Bangkok / by Kanokpoj Khakhai, English vocabulary learning strategies utilized by reservation and ticketing agents of an airline company / by Ganpapath Soypethwong, Epidemiologic methods : by Koepsell, Thomas D. Epidemiology : by Rothman, Kenneth J. Epidemiology and the people's health : by Krieger, Nancy. Epidemiology matters : by Keyes, Katherine M. Equity asset valuation / Equity asset valuation workbook / Essays : by Thoreau, Henry David, Essential medical statistics / by Kirkwood, Betty R. Esthetic & restorative dentistry : by Terry, Douglas A. Eternal ephemera : by Eldredge, Niles. Ethnic income inequality in the three Southern border provinces of Thailand / by Wichada Subanphanichkul, Ethnicity, nationality and religious experience / Étude syntaxique et sémantique du discours rapporté dans l 'hebdomadaire Le Canard enchainé / by Jakkapong Koysomboon, Everything is marketing / by ดำรงค์ พิณคุณ. Executive skills and reading comprehension : by Cartwright, Kelly B., Exploring research / by Salkind, Neil J. Extinction and evolution : by Eldredge, Niles. Fanged Noumena : by Land, Nick, Feeding France : by Spary, E. C. Feminist evaluation and research : Field and laboratory investigations in agroecology / by Gliessman, Stephen R. Fields of blood : by Armstrong, Karen, Fields of sense : by Gabriel, Markus, Filipino health workers in metropolitan Bangkok / by Olson, Isaac. Financialization in crisis / Fixed income analysis workbook / by Fabozzi, Frank J. Flesh and body : by Franck, Didier. Fluid iron : by Day, Tony. Foundations of the American century : by Parmar, Inderjeet. Framing cosmologies : Frank Cioffi : by Ellis, David, Fred Sanger, double Nobel laureate : by Brownlee, George G., French civilization and its discontents : From decision to heresy : by Laruelle, Francois. From deep state to Islamic state : by Filiu, Jean-Pierre. From padi states to commercial states : by Bourdier, Frederic. Frontier : by Serkin, Gavin, Fundamentals of fixed prosthodontics / Game over : by Zirin, Dave. GCM data comparison and its application to water disaster adaptation measures in Thailand : by Sucharit Koontanakulvong. Gender pedagogy : by Henderson, Emily F. Genealogy of American finance / by Wright, Robert E. Geriatric dentistry : Get fit for free & ditch the gym total fitness : by Tudge, Scott, Get great marks for your essays, reports, and presentations / by Germov, John. Getting things done : by Allen, David, Gilles Deleuze and metaphysics / Glencoe science Greening the leather tanning industry in Vietnam / by Le, Ha Thanh. Haematology at a glance / by Mehta, Atul B. Hallucination : Hamilton & Hardy's industrial toxicology / Hasidism & modern man / by Buber, Martin, Healing yoga / by Weller, Stella. Health behavior and health education : Heretical essays in the philosophy of history / by Patocka, Jan, High school students' attitude towards English language / by Saranyoo In-U-Ris, Histories of health in Southeast Asia : Histories of the normal and the abnormal : History and clinical examination at a glance / by Gleadle, Jonathan. History of Chinese philosophy / Hollywood and Hitler, 1933-1939 / by Doherty, Thomas Patrick. How to present at meetings / How to read a paper : by Greenhalgh, Trisha. How to STEM : How to write a paper / Hubris : by Desai, Meghnad. Human development report 2014 : Human development report 2014 : Human resource practice / by Martin, Malcolm. Human security and sustainability : by Ikeda, Daisaku. Hunter-gatherer childhoods : Imaginal politics : by Bottici, Chiara. Immunology at a glance / by Playfair, J. H. L. Imperial Russian foreign policy / Improvising medicine : by Livingston, Julie. In the name of the child : Inflation targeting and real exchange rate : by Petchtharin Wongcharoen, Insatiable appetites : by Watson, Kelly L. Inside the FDIC : by Bovenzi, John F. Integrative medical biochemistry examination and board review / by King, Michael W. Intelligent wireless communication systems for the next century. Intermediate accounting / Internal control, integrated framework. Internal control, integrated framework. Internal time : by Roenneberg, Till. International financial statement analysis / International financial statement analysis / International financial statement analysis work book / International investment dispute settlement : Introduction to econometrics / by Stock, James H. Introduction to physical science / Introduction to shipping / Introduction to the study of natural philosophy : by Tomlinson, Charles, Investigation into motivation types for learning Chinese as a foreign language : by Chen, Xin, Investing behavior towards spot gold and gold futures / by Pornphan Chanwerawong, Investments / by Bodie, Zvi. Investments workbook : Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio et le rapport au pouvoir / by Nut Wilailak, Joint research and development under US antitrust and EU competition law / by Lundqvist, Bjorn, Journal du ghetto / by Korczak, Janusz, Kant and the early moderns / Kate's style : by Jones, Caroline. Kid by kid, skill by skill : by Eaker, Robert E. Kinship at the core by Strathern, Marilyn. Lake views : by Weinberg, Steven, Language and cross border migration / Language in the context of use : Launching global health : by Palmer, Steven Paul. Lawyers, markets and regulation / by Stephen, Frank H., Le canari du nazi : Lean auditing : by Paterson, James C., Legal principles in shipping business / Lehninger principles of biochemistry / by Nelson, David L. Lenin and the revolutionary party / by Le Blanc, Paul, Lever's histopathology of the skin / Life-saving initiatives to improve maternal health, and increase newborn and child survival : by Spry-Leverton, Julia. Liner shipping economics / by Jansson, Jan Owen. Liner trades / Liquid power : by Swyngedouw, E. Little women or, Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy / by Alcott, Louisa May, Local governance innovation in China : Logistics and multi-modal transport / Love without limits : by Vujicic, Nick, Loving literature : by Lynch, Deidre. Lycurgan Athens and the making of classical tragedy / by Hanink, Johanna, Machiavelli and the modern state : by Ardito, Alissa M. Macroeconomics / by Mankiw, N. Gregory. Madness in civilization : by Scull, Andrew, Making a difference in education : by Cassen, Robert. Making noise : by Schwartz, Hillel, Making space : by Groh, Jennifer M., Making the American mouth : by Picard, Alyssa. Managing investment portfolios workbook : Managing operations / Marine insurance / Mark Rothko : by Rothko, Christopher. Market justice : by Kaup, Brent Z. Marketing management : by Homburg, Christian, Marketing research : by Kumar, V., Matched-sign discounting and neoclassical consistencies / by Prapas Bawornbancha, McDonald and Avery's dentistry for the child and adolescent / Measuring happiness : by Weimann, Joachim, Medical sciences at a glance : by Scaber, Jakub. Medical sciences at a glance / Medical statistics at a glance workbook / by Petrie, Aviva. Medicine and religion in Enlightenment Europe / Medicine in the industrial world / by Clare, John D., Medicine transformed : Meister Eckhart : by Flasch, Kurt. Mental maps in the era of détente and the end of the Cold War 1968-91 / Metaethics : by Van Roojen, Mark Steven. Metaphysics : by Loux, Michael J. Metaphysics : by Ney, Alyssa. Metaphysics : by Rea, Michael C. Microeconomics / by Krugman, Paul R. Mike Kelley : by Miller, John, Mind in architecture : Mixed messages : by Paul, Robert A. Modern dental assisting / by Bird, Doni. Modernism, gender, and culture : Molecular biology : by Tropp, Burton E. Mon-Khmer : Mondofragile : Moral exemplars in the Analects : by Olberding, Amy. Mosby's dental drug reference / Motion and representation : by Sutil, Nicolás Salazar. Motivation for enrolling in an English languge tutorial school / by Marut Rodboon. Motivation of Thai cabin crew members toward English learning / by Achareeya Sirisiraprapakul, Motorcycle / by Alford, Steven E., Mr. Fortune / by Warner, Sylvia Townsend, Music autoethnographies : My autistic awakening : by Harris, Rachael Lee, My crazy century / by Klima, Ivan. My Sri Lankan lineage / by Chatsumarn Kabilsingh, Mythology, madness, and laughter : by Gabriel, Markus, Nancy and the political / Narrating the closet : by Adams, Tony E. National Health Act, B.E. 2550 (2007) ; Statute on National Health System, B.E. 2552 (2009). Nations of emigrants : by Coutin, Susan Bibler. Natural gas : by Smil, Vaclav. Natural theology or, Evidence of the existence and attributes of the deity, collected from the appearances of nature / by Paley, William, Network flows : by Ahuja, Ravindra K., New poems / by Rilke, Rainer Maria, New worlds : by Elder, Janet, Nietzsche's naturalism : by Emden, Christian. Nixon in the world : No ordinary disruption : by Dobbs, Richard. Not tonight : by Kempner, Joanna Leslie. Novel on yellow paper, or, Work it out for yourself / by Smith, Stevie, Observations on "the spiritual situation of the age" : Offshore support industry / by Perrott, Ian Rene. Old Calabria / by Douglas, Norman, Olympic visions : by O'Mahony, Mike. On the contrary : by Churchland, Paul M., Oncology at a glance / by Dark, Graham. Operations and supply chain management / by Jacobs, F. Robert. Optimal public debt and effects of institutional factors in a liquidity-constrained economy : by Pao Virojphan, Optimization modeling with spreadsheets / by Baker, Kenneth R., Options, futures, and other derivatives / by Hull, John, Oral anatomy, histology and embryology / by Berkovitz, B. K. B. Oral implantology surgical procedures checklist / by Al-Faraje, Louie. Oral medicine and medically complex patients / Orientation and judgment in hermeneutics / by Makkreel, Rudolf A., Orofacial pain : Out of line : by Walker, R. B. J. Parentheticals in spoken English : by Dehe Nicole. Paris at war, 1939-1944 / by Drake, David, Party politics in post-communist Russia / Party system institutionalization in Asia : Periodontal review : by Termeie, Deborah A. Personal narrative / by Humboldt, Alexander von, Peterson's principles of oral and maxillofacial surgery. Peterson's principles of oral and maxillofacial surgery. Petrified / by Nadel, Barbara. Pharmacology and therapeutics for dentistry / Phenomenologies of the stranger : Philippe Aries and the politics of French cultural history / by Hutton, Patrick H. Philosophy of language : by McGinn, Colin, Philosophy of science : Piaget before Piaget / by Vidal, Fernando. Policy analysis / by Aweewan Mangmeechai. Politically unbecoming : by Gardner, Anthony, Politics and democracy in microstates / by Veenendaal, Wouter. Poor but sexy : by Pyzik, Agata. Populists in power / by Albertazzi, Daniele, Port and terminal management / Postcolonial cultures / by Featherstone, Simon, Power and civil society : by Nowak, Leszek. Power, politics and confrontation in Eurasia : Pragmatics and non-verbal communication / by Wharton, Tim. Prayong Ronnarong Thai wisdom teacher "Wisdon gem of ASEAN" / by Thawan Matcharat, Pricing beauty : by Mears, Ashley, Pride and prejudice / by Austen, Jane, Principles of corporate finance / by Brealey, Richard A. Principles of financial accounting : Private equity 4.0 : by Leleux, Benoit. Problems for Thai university English major students when speaking English / by Tanisa Srisang, Problems in English listening and factors affecting listening abilities of third-year vocational certificate students / by Teerachat Hoonngarm, Proceedings : Proceedings 2nd National and International Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences / Proceedings Consultative Workshop on "Developing a National Evaluation Agenda for HIV/AIDS in Thailand" Cha-Am, 14-16 June 2010 / by Peersman, Greet. Proceedings of Thai-Japan Joint Symposium on Advances in Materials Science and Environmental Technology / Proceedings of the First Indochina Conference on Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharma Indochina 1997) : Professional learning communities at work and virtual collaboration : by DuFour, Richard, Proletarian nights : by Ranciere, Jacques. Public administration. Public administration. Public administration. Public administration. Public administration. Public administration. Public law : by Faragher, Colin. Quantitative investment analysis / Read my desire : by Copjec, Joan. Reading for the plot : by Brooks, Peter, Reading the American novel, 1780-1865 / by Samuels, Shirley. Reading the contemporary Irish novel, 1987-2007 / by Harte, Liam. Regimes of historicity : by Hartog, Francois. Regression methods in biostatistics : Research on occupational safety and health for migrant workers in five Asia and the Pacific countries : by Lee, Kawon. Respiratory system. by Hickin, Sarah. Return on character : by Kiel, Fred. Revisiting the European Union as empire / Revolution and constitutionalism in the Ottoman Empire and Iran / by Sohrabi, Nader, Revolutionary Russia, 1891-1991 / by Figes, Orlando. Rheumatology, orthopaedics and trauma at a glance / by Swales, Catherine. Risk analysis / by Aven, Terje, Risk management in banking / by Bessis, Joel. Roman law in the state of nature : by Straumann, Benjamin. Romanticism and childhood : by Wierda Rowland, Ann, Russian military intelligence in the war with Japan : by Sergeev, Evgeny, SAS essentials : by Elliott, Alan C., Saving the market from capitalism : by Amato, Massimo. Schizo-culture / School / by Burke, Catherine, Securing transportation systems / Seeds of destruction : by Engdahl, William. Semantics : by Melʹcuk, Igorʹ A. Sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll : by Cottrell, Robert Charles, Shakespeare valued : by Olive, Sarah. Sherlock Holmes : by Doyle, Arthur Conan, Sherlock Holmes. by Doyle, Arthur Conan, Ship sale and purchase / Shipping finance / Shreve's Chemical process industries. by Shreve, Randolph Norris, Sick societies : Sinologism : by Gu, Ming Dong, Siren land : by Douglas, Norman, Six Sigma for managers / by Brue, Greg. Social data analytics : by Krishnan, Krish, Social determinants of health : by Davidson, Alan Social determinants of health / Social epidemiology / Social injustice and public health / Social network analysis for ego-nets / Social neuroscience : Social structure and forms of conciousness. by Meszaros, Istvan, Sociology of work : Sociology of work : Sovereignty, property and empire, 1500-2000 / by Fitzmaurice, Andrew. Space science. Spaces to be : SPC 2010 : Speaking problems and needs of English for business communication students at a private university / by Isariya Wisaleewat, Spells, images, and mandalas : by Shinohara, Koichi, Starve and immolate : by Bargu, Banu. Stella Adler on America's master playwrights : by Adler, Stella. Stewart's clinical removable partial prosthodontics / by Phoenix, Rodney D. Strategic social marketing / by French, Jeff. Student workbook for Modern dental assisting / by Bird, Doni. Sturdevant's art and science of operative dentistry. Success secrets of the online marketing superstars / by Meyerson, Mitch. Summitt's fundamentals of operative dentistry : Supply chain construction : by Walker, William T. Synopses of science and engineering papers, Graduate school of Science and Engineering, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan. Taking the medicine : by Burch, Druin. Tales from both sides of the brain : by Gazzaniga, Michael S. Teaching epidemiology : Technical analysis : by Kirkpatrick, Charles D., Teeth : by Ungar, Peter S. Telecommunications and energy in systemic transformation : Telecommunications, media and technology (TMT) for developing economies : by Nwana, H. Sama. Ten Cate's oral histology : by Nanci, Antonio. Textures of the anthropocene : Thai Furniture Industry Club directory. Thailand in the Cold War / by Phillips, Matthew The 14th PPC Symposium on Petroleum, Petrochemicals, and Polymers / The 16th PPC Symposium on Petroleum, Petrochemicals, and Polymers / The 17th PPC Symposium on Petroleum, Petrochemicals, and Polymers / The age of innocence / by Wharton, Edith, The age of trade : by Giraldez, Arturo. The anthropology of turquoise : by Meloy, Ellen. The aspirational investor : by Chhabra, Ashvin B. The atomic bomb and the origins of the Cold War / by Craig, Campbell, The Books that shaped art history : The business 2.0. : by Allison, John. The business of culture : The Cambridge world history. The Cambridge world history. The cartographic state : by Branch, Jordan, The catcher in the rye / by Salinger, J. D. The CDU and the politics of gender in Germany : by Wiliarty, Sarah Elise, The Center for creative leadership handbook of coaching in organizations / The clockwork universe : by Dolnick, Edward, The conceptual mind : The constitution of man considered in relation to external objects / by Combe, George, The courage of doing philosophy : The dawn of universal history : by Aron, Raymond, The death of the heart / by Bowen, Elizabeth, The Deportation regime : The descent of man, and selection in relation to sex / by Darwin, Charles, The devil that never dies : by Goldhagen, Daniel Jonah. The direct impacts of the Thai oil fund on social welfare / by Krittika Ananyapong, The Economics of sea transport and international trade / The effect of macroeconomic policies on Cambodia's economy / by Siphat Lim, The effectiveness of the the use of computer-assisted instruction (CAI) and satisfaction toward learning present tenses of Soutehrn [sic] University students / by Weerasak Thaweemueang, The effects of rubber plantation-forest edge on the composition of understorey web-building spiders at Khuan Khao Wang forest park, Songkhla province, Southern Thailand = by Booppa Ponksee. The end of plenty : by Bourne, Joel K., The enigma of diversity : by Berrey, Ellen. The essential guide to classroom practice : by Redfern, Andrew. The European Union : The evolution of the European Convention on Human Rights : by Bates, Ed. The false apocalypse : by Lubonja, Fatos T. The fiction of narrative : by White, Hayden V., The five disciplines of PLC leaders / by Kanold, Timothy D. The founders and the idea of a national university : by Thomas, George, The fragile absolute, or, Why is the Christian legacy worth fighting for? / by Zizek, Slavoj. The Frankfurt school, Jewish lives, and antisemitism / by Jacobs, Jack Lester, The gap : by Suddendorf, Thomas. The gastrointestinal system at a glance / by Keshav, Satish. The global expatriate's guide to investing : by Hallam, Andrew The global revolutions of 1968 : The global transformation : by Buzan, Barry. The grapes of wrath / by Steinbeck, John Ernst, The happiness industry : by Davies, William, The heat of the day / by Bowen, Elizabeth, The highway of despair : by Marasco, Robyn. The history of rock 'n' roll in ten songs / by Marcus, Greil. The hobbit, or, There and back again / by Tolkien, J. R. R. The imaginative argument : by Cioffi, Frank L., The impact investor : by Clark, Cathy, The impact of government expenditure on economic growth in Thailand / by Wanissa Suanin, The institutionalisation of political parties in post-authoritarian Indonesia : by Fionna, Ulla, The International politics of sport in the Twentieth century / The invention of society : by Moscovici, Serge. The last day : by Shrady, Nicholas. The laws of imitation / by Tarde, Gabriel de, The lean CEO : by Stoller, Jacob. The life of the parties : by Reichley, James. The life of the senses : by Laplantine, Francois, The limits of Sino-Russian strategic partnership / by Anderson, Jennifer, The literature review : by Machi, Lawrence A. The longest journey : by Tagliacozzo, Eric. The lord of the rings / by Tolkien, J. R. R. The magic of thinking big / by Schwartz, David Joseph. 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