New Books 2016-07 (Foreign) RSS feed for public list New Books 2016-07 (Foreign) [Chun] = by Shi, Guangheng. [Han yu tu hua zi dian] = [Ying yi Tang shi san bai shou] = 23 things they don't tell you about capitalism / by Chang, Ha-Joon. A characterization of economic romanticism : by Lenin, Vladimir Ilʹich, A coup for the rich : by Ji Ungpakorn, A dictionary of sociology / A geek in Japan / by Garcia, Hector, A la recherche du temps perdu. by Proust, Marcel, A la recherche du temps perdu. by Proust, Marcel, A la recherche du temps perdu. by Proust, Marcel, A la recherche du temps perdu. by Proust, Marcel, A la recherche du temps perdu. by Proust, Marcel, A la recherche du temps perdu. by Proust, Marcel, A political biography of Alexander Pope / by Rogers, Pat, A social policy research agenda to take the territory, and the nation, into the 21st century : by Tambling, G. E. A summary report on the accounting operation in the Comptroller General Department, Ministry of Finance / by Wrighte, George H. A woman in charge : by Bernstein, Carl, Abandoning female genital cutting : by Creel, Liz. Abraham Lincoln. by Sandburg, Carl, Agenda for action on social development in the ESCAP region. Al Jazeera : by Talon, Claire-Gabrielle. Aligning human resources and business strategy / by Holbeche, Linda. American & English idioms / by เลิศ เกษรคำ. American foreign policy today / by Wanamaker, Temple. An album of contemporary Chinese paintings / by Cheng, Nan. An introduction to ordinary differential equations / by Coddington, Earl A., Anatomy of a fraud investigation : by Pedneault, Stephen, Announcement, B.E. 2502 (1959) / Appropriate forms : by Kronvall, B. Art rupestre de l'Oukaimeden. ASEAN heritage parks and reserves / ASEAN photo competition, 2004. Asia Pacific tourism forecasts 2009-2011 / by Turner, Lindsay W. Ayutthaya : Bangkok rules / by Wolff, Harlan. Basic mathematics for engineers / by Andres, Paul Gerhard, Beautiful brutality / by Smith, Adam. Best short stories of Jack London. by London, Jack, Best-loved poems / Body and soul / by Roddick, Anita, Boss of me! : by Siow, Pearlin. Building cultural competence : Business : by Ferrell, O. C. Chambers paperback thesaurus. Chambers/Murray Latin-English dictionary / by Smith, William, Chicken soup for the soul : by Pasinski, Marie. Chinese jade : by Yu, Ming, Chinese piano, or, Dueling over a recital : by Barilier, Etienne, Classic drucker : by Drucker, Peter F. Collins dictionary. Coming up roses : by Kidston, Cath. Concise Oxford Spanish dictionary = Constructive real analysis / by Goldstein, Allen A. Contesting neoliberalism : Cours de linguistique generale / by Saussure, Ferdinand de, Creating Carmel : by Gilliam, Harold. Creative schools : by Robinson, Ken, Dare to prepare : by Shapiro, Ronald M. Deng Xiaoping shakes the world : by Yu, Guangyuan. Der seltsame Tausch : by Ende, Michael. Derbent oldest cities of Russia : Doing business and investing in Thailand / Doyle's practical guide to Thailand business law / by Doyle, Michael. Drawing with pencils / by Barber, John. Du cote de chez Swann / by Proust, Marcel, eHealth in Thailand : Elliott wave principle : by Frost, A. J. Emotion-focused therapy : by Greenberg, Leslie S. English-Spanish, Spanish-English medical dictionary = by Rogers, Glenn T. Evidence-based practice across the health professions / by Hoffmann, Tammy. Exploring sufficiency economy : Faces of fraud : by Biegelman, Martin T. Foods that combat heart disease : by Sonberg, Lynn. Footprint Thailand / by Spooner, Andrew, Fragrance of spring : by Sim, Chae-hong, From angels to neurones : by Hobson, J. Allan, Generalissimo : by Fenby, Jonathan. Gesammelte Erzählungen / by Lenz, Siegfried, Getting things done : by Allen, David, Giving presentations : Guide book of the Zoological Gardens / Handbook on international rules governing military operations / Harrap's dictionnaire juridique = Health informatics : Heidegger & the myth of a Jewish world conspiracy / by Trawny, Peter, 1964- Higher education in the twenty-first century : How language works : by Crystal, David, IGAAP 2013 : In bed with / Institut universitaire de hautes études internationales = Interactions 1 : by Crepieux, Gael. International business / by Rugman, Alan M. Introducing chaos / by Sardar, Ziauddin. Introducing Chomsky / by Maher, John C., Introducing Japan / by Richie, Donald, Introducing linguistics / by Trask, R. L. Introducing Persian architecture / by Pope, Arthur Upham, IUCN evaluation of nominations of natural and mixed properties to the World Heritage list : Ketetapan 2. Key ideas in linguistics and the philosophy of language / King Maha Mongkut of Siam / by Blofeld, John, King of jazz : by Eaton, Jeanette. La recherche de la langue parfaite dans la culture européenne / by Eco, Umberto. Lachen ist die beste medizin : Land reform : Lectures on the early history of institutions : by Maine, Henry James Sumner, Libe : by Marchon, Herve. Linguistics : Love, Rosie / by Ahern, Cecelia, Managing corporate reputations / Marketing plan handbook : by Bly, Robert W. Marx for beginners / by Rius. Mastering presentations : by Staneart, Doug, Masters and commanders : by Roberts, Andrew, Minus, lapsus et mordicus : by Walter, Henriette, Natural history. On the plaza : by Low, Setha M. Organisations, identities and the self / by Webb, Janette, Pedagogy of the oppressed / by Freire, Paulo, Penguin pocket writer's handbook / by Manser, Martin H. Peninsular Southeast Asia : Penser entre les langues / by Wismann, Heinz. People styles at work : by Bolton, Robert, Personality psychology : by Larsen, Randy J. Philosophy of language and linguistics : Photo idea index / by Krause, Jim, Pocket Oxford Italian dictionary : Political determinants of income inequality in emerging democracies / by Kawanaka, Takeshi. Politics in Thailand / by Wilson, David A. Population change, development and women's role and status in Thailand / by Mathana Phananiramai. Population growth and economic development : Post-military society : by Shaw, Martin, Precalculus with calculus previews : by Zill, Dennis G., Précis de sémiotique générale / by Klinkenberg, Jean-Marie, Prescription for nutritional healing : by Balch, Phyllis A., Principles of macroeconomics / Principles of taxation : by Jones, Sally M. Programming techniques for economic development with special reference to Asia and the Far East : Property : Protocols additional to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949. Reading Lolita in Tehran : by Nafisi, Azar. Rennschwein Rudi Russel : by Timm, Uwe, SEAFDEC annual report. Semantique structurale : by Greimas, Algirdas Julien. Siam then : by Bradley, William Lee. Silence / by Lemniscates. Social legislation in the Federal Republic of Germany / by Brooke Ross, Rosalind, Social security for women in the informal sector in Thailand / by Napat Sirisambhand. Solar electricity / States of consciousness / by Tart, Charles T., Strategic coupling : by Yeung, Henry Wai-Chung. Strategic management : by Dess, Gregory G. Tales of the unexpected / by Dahl, Roald. Thai lacquer works / by Silpa Bhirasri, The 30 year war, 1945-1975. The A-Z of property terms. The Australian Government and Tasmania's World Heritage area : The battle for Singapore : by Thompson, Peter The biggest house in the world / by Lionni, Leo, The brain that changes itself : by Doidge, Norman. The butterfly and other stories / by Wang, Meng, The challenge and the chance / by Shriver, Sargent, The changing role of educational cooperation in Asia : The civil corporation / by Zadek, Simon. The cognitive structure of emotions / by Ortony, Andrew, The complete guide to nutrients : by Sharon, Michael The concise Oxford dictionary of linguistics / by Matthews, P. H. The confident speaker : by Monarth, Harrison. The connect effect : by Dulworth, Mike, The Developing person through the life span / by Berger, Kathleen Stassen. The economic naturalist : by Frank, Robert H. The effective controller in the 21st century : by Yanyong Thammatucharee. The elephant and the dragon : by Meredith, Robyn. The ethics of life / The fall of eagles / by Sulzberger, C. L. The Geneva conventions of August 12, 1949. The Henry Luce Foundation : by Guzzardi, Walter. The Management gurus : The McGraw-Hill handbook of business letters / by Poe, Roy W., The mighty and the almighty : by Albright, Madeleine Korbel, The mind of God : by Davies, Paul Charles William, The mysteries of Paris / by Sue, Eugene, The Obamas / by Kantor, Jodi, The observer's book of horses and ponies : by Summerhays, R. S. The optimal health revolution : by Johnson, Duke. The purpose-driven life : by Warren, Richard, The Rule of law : The scientific study of dreams : by Domhoff, G. William. The seven habits of highly effective people : by Covey, Stephen R., The Siamese tales : by Brewer, George, The society of genes / by Yanai, Itai, The truth about American diplomats / by Bucar, Annabelle. The wisdom of sustainability : by Sulak Sivaraksa, Theory and practice of counseling and psychotherapy / by Corey, Gerald. To the top of the world : by Angell, Pauline Knickerbocker, Towards Asia's sustainable development : Towards partnership between men and women in politics : Traffic safety and human behavior / by Shinar, David. Urinalysis and body fluids / by Strasinger, Susan King. Users not customers : by Shapiro, Aaron. Vector mechanics for engineers : by Beer, Ferdinand P. Visual merchandising 3 / Voices in defence of the earth. Wealth secrets of the one percent : by Wilkin, Sam. What does it mean to be present? / by DiOrio, Rana. What not to write : by Sayce, Kay. Women & development in Malaysia / by Jamilah Ariffin. Wordfest! : by Geer, Philip. World communication report : by Maherzi, Lotfi. World heritage sites : World heritage sites in Latin America and the Caribbean : Yugoslavia and the nonaligned world / by Rubinstein, Alvin Z. การศึกษากับความเป็นพลเมืองโลก : คนเจ้าปัญญา / by แอนดรูว์ส, แอนดี้, นายใน : by ชานันท์ ยอดหงษ์, ผู้ล่วงลับ / by จอยซ์, เจมส์, พลิก 8 จุดบอด สู่สุดยอดผู้บริหาร / by ฮาเซงาวะ, คะซุฮิโระ,