New Books 2017-02 (Foreign) RSS feed for public list New Books 2017-02 (Foreign) [Han yu 300 ju] = 60th anniversary diplomatic relations between Thailand & Sri Lanka / by Chiranan Pitpreecha, A comparison of performance and competitiveness of Islamic banks with conventional banks in ASEAN countries / by Sharah, Mohamed, A complete guide to volume price analysis : by Coulling, Anna. A foreign policy of freedom : by Paul, Ron, A global monetary plague : by Brown, Brendan, A Premier book of contemporary Thai verse / by Montri Umavijani, A singular modernity / by Jameson, Fredric. A survey of EFL teaching methods, learning activities and instructional media applied by vocational English teachers in Pathumthani and Kanchanaburi provinces / by Ekarat Changket, Absolute recoil : by Zizek, Slavoj. Accordion crimes / by Proulx, Annie. Active labor market policies / Adab bersuluk Shaykh Abdul Wahab Rokan / by Rosnaaini Hamid. Adaptivity as a transformative disposition : Adibah Amin : by Zaleha Ahmat, After the crisis : Ajia josei to shinmitsusei no rōdō / American gods : by Gaiman, Neil. An analysis of damages to natural resources : by Tamon Nakaprawing, An essay concerning human understanding : by Locke, John, An Opportunity for a different Peru : An outline of the history of religious architecture in Thailand / by Sonthiwan Intralib. Angels & demons / by Brown, Dan, Annual report / APA handbook of intercultural communication / Applied probability and stochastic processes / by Beichelt, Frank, Appreciative inquiry for change management : by Lewis, Sarah, Art in China / by Jia, Xiaowei. Artificial intelligence applications in manufacturing / Asas ilmu perkamusan melayu / by Ibrahim Haji Ahmad. Asian free trade agreements and WTO compatibility : by Hamanaka, Shintaro. Aviation logistics : by Sales, Michael. Ayubowan-- ศรีลังกา : by พงศ์ ระวี. Bahasa Melayu : by Sabariah Hassan. Batu Uban : by Merican, Ahmad Murad. Beauty and education / by Winston, Joe, Beijing : by Yao, Tianxin. Bolivia : Brand in China / by Wang, Yifan. Budi secantik hati : by Pena Mutiara, Bulles de France / by Jeffroy, Geraldine. Business : by Ferrell, O. C. Business simulation for startup education "applied learning and marketing plans" / by Sunit Kukreja, Business simulation for startup education "game design, operations and financial plans" / by Ratana Ratanakul, Carnival / by Hage, Rawi. Central banks at a crossroads : Challenges of CAFTA : Chega! : Children's encyclopedia of American history / by King, David C. China going global / by Chang, Lu. Chinese auspicious pictures / by Xu, Pingchang. Cloud atlas / by Mitchell, David Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his years of pilgrimage / by Murakami, Haruki, Coming to the Summer Palace / by Yao, Tianxin. Comme un enfant perdu / by Renaud, Comparative analysis of determinants of bank performance : by Sasin Kirakul, Competition policy enforcement in EU member states : by Guidi, Mattia. Comprehensive chiroptical spectroscopy. Comprehensive chiroptical spectroscopy. Confucius says ni hao! = Consumer economics : by Goldsmith, Elizabeth B. Contending perspectives in economics : by Harvey, John T., Cooperative species : by Bowles, Samuel. Corporate finance : by Lumby, Stephen. Corporate financial accounting / by Warren, Carl S., Corporate tax and leverage : by Taweepol Jantanasaro, Cost-benefit analysis and health care evaluations / by Brent, Robert J., Creativity in China / by Wang, Xian. Cybercitizens and the internet in China / by Dong, Shaopeng. Days of infamy / by Gingrich, Newt. Decomposition analysis of global value chain's impact on Thai economy / by Punyawich Sessomboon, Democratizing water governance in the Mekong / Deployment of rapid-reaction forces / Dernieres lecons : by Benveniste, Emile, Design thinking for education : Designing for growth : by Liedtka, Jeanne. Development and faith : by Marshall, Katherine, Di sebalik kata / by Zaidi Ismail. Diary of a wimpy vampire : by Collins, Tim, Digital storytelling, applied theatre, & youth : by Alrutz, Megan. Digital textuality / by Trimarco, Paola. Dim wit : by Jarski, Rosemarie. Dire, ne pas dire : Dire, ne pas dire : Does simple pair trading still work within Thailand? / by Sainum Tangsombatvisit, Dongeng patalawati : by Marzuki Ali, Drama dalam penskripan, pementasan dan kritikan / by A. Rahman Hanafiah Dunia pemikiran / by Jaafar Rahim. East Asian strategic review / Economic analysis of international law / Economic issues and policy / by Brux, Jacqueline Murray, Economics / by Hubbard, R. Glenn, Economics for today / by Tucker, Irvin B. Economics of imperfect labor markets / by Boeri, Tito. Eden in winter / by Patterson, Richard North. Emerging theories in health promotion practice and research / Emily the Strange : by Reger, Rob. Employee training and development / by Noe, Raymond A. Employment injuries focusing on mental-mental injuries / by Bunyaporn Potisakulwong, Empowerment in practice : by Alsop, Ruth. Encouraging partnership between business and communities for biodiversity, 3-4 November 2011 The Sirindhorn International Environmental Park Cha-am, Phetchaburi, Thailand / Energy economics : by Nersesian, Roy L. Energy markets in emerging economies : by Wang, Henry K. H. Engaged learning with emerging technologies / Enlightenment Orientalism : by Aravamudan, Srinivas. Ensuring interests : Entrepreneurship : by Kuratko, Donald F., Environmental health and child survival : Equality for women : Essential MATLAB for engineers and scientists / by Hahn, Brian D. Ethics : by Badiou, Alain. Ethics & international affairs : Exercices de grammaire francaise / by Grevisse, Maurice. Experimental design research : Explore everything : by Garrett, Bradley L. Exploring the unexplained : Expression et style : by Chovelon, Bernadette. Extraterritoriality : by Liu, Shih Shun, Factors affecting Thai homeowners' decisions in purchasing clay roof tiles / by Tianchai Sutthiwaree. Factors that affect employment loyalty to an organization : by Supapak Kamnerdkarn. Facts about Germany. Feeling in theory : by Terada, Rei, Financial accounting : by Porter, Gary A., Financial distress, lifecycle and corporate restructuring : by Thanawat Phattarasirin, Financial economics : by Hens, Thorsten. Financial markets and institutions / by Saunders, Anthony, Financial services technology : by Duran, Randall E. Firefight / by Sanderson, Brandon. Foreign direct investment : by Mun, Hwi-chʻang. Francais pour etrangers / by Mazauric, Catherine. Freedom from oil : by Sandalow, David. From microfinance to inclusive banking : by Schmidt, Reinhard H. From start-up to global success : by Natarajan, Ganesh. Fundamentals of information systems / by Stair, Ralph M., Gay New York : by Chauncey, George. Gender and economic growth in Kenya : Global political economy : by Cohn, Theodore H., Good corporate governance : by Ratchanikarn Suwadist, Good humor, bad taste : by Kuipers, Giselinde, Gottes Korper : by Markschies, Christoph. Grade 9 students' use of reading strategies in an English standard test / by Thammanoon Rattanamung, Guide de l'Union europeenne / by Brulhart, Jean. Gulliver's travels / by Swift, Jonathan, Handbook of international development and education / Handbook of research in education finance and policy / Handbook of research methods and applications in economic geography / Handbook of research on artificial intelligence techniques and algorithms / Handbook of research on innovation in tourism industries / Handbook of research on modern optimization algorithms and applications in engineering and economics / Handbook of research on novel soft computing intelligent algorithms : Handbook on medical tourism and patient mobility / Handbook on the globalisation of agriculture / Hans Christian Andersen : by Binding, Paul. Harvard, a living portrait / by Dunwell, Steve. Health behavior and health education : Heidegger : by Polt, Richard F. H., Here is where we meet / by Berger, John. Higher education in America / by Bok, Derek Curtis. Higher education in the digital age / by Bowen, William Gordon, Highlights of Thailand / Holy foolery in the life of Japan : by Higuchi, Kazunori, Homintern : by Woods, Gregory, Human resource management : Identity and difference : by Balibar, Étienne, Impact of macroeconomic factors on price of lodging stocks : by Li, Peng, In letters of blood and fire : by Caffentzis, George. In the land of invented languages : by Okrent, Arika. Inclusive education / Infographic guide to literature / by Eliot, Joanna. Initiation a la linguistique francaise / by Zufferey, Sandrine. Innocent bystanders : Innovation and financial development : by Duangrat Prajaksilpthai, Innovation in power, control, and optimization : Intangible culture : by Qian, Minjie. Intellectual property and traditional knowledge in the global economy : by Dagne, Teshager W. International handbook on migration and economic development / Intervensi sosial / by Rathakrishnan, Balan. Introduction to econometrics / by Dougherty, Christopher. Introduction to quantitative methods in business : by Kolluri, Bharat. Investment in Bangladesh : Investor protection and corporate governance : Isamu Shoho : It's all in your head : by O'Sullivan, Suzanne. Je vis en France : by Barthe, Marie. Jochū kotobashū no kenkyū : by Matsui, Toshihiko, John Florio alias Shakespeare / by Tassinari, Lamberto, Kaedah penyelidikan bahasa di lapangan / by Asmah Haji Omar, Kata pinjaman bahasa Tamil dalam bahasa Melayu / by Noriah Mohamed. Kathmandu / by Bell, Thomas, Key issues in language teaching / by Richards, Jack C., Key philosophical writings / by Descartes, Rene, Khuncherng muaythai book of facts / by Tsui, Alex Kill chain : by Cockburn, Andrew, L'exercisier : by Descotes-Genon, Christiane. L'expression ecrite / by Desaintghislain, Christophe. L'Indochine francaise 1858-1954 / by Montagnon, Pierre, L'oral et l'ecrit : by Rullier-Theuret, Francoise, La France au quotidien / by Roesch, Roselyne. La France avant la France 481-888 / by Buhrer-Thierry, Genevieve. La France des Lumieres 1715-1789 / by Beaurepaire, Pierre-Yves. La Mediterranee : by Calvet, Louis-Jean, La phrase : by Grevisse, Maurice. La ponctuation : by Narjoux, Cecile. La preposition : by Grevisse, Maurice. La Revolution inachevee 1815-1870 / by Aprile, Sylvie. Landscape as urbanism : by Waldheim, Charles. Lao zi says = Le chemin des mots : by Dumarest, Daniele. Le cosaque de la rue Garibaldi : by Gutman, Claude. Le Francais correct : by Grevisse, Maurice. Le francais du monde du travail : by Cloose, Eliane. Le Grevisse de l'enseignant / by Grevisse, Maurice. Le Louvre : Le Louvre / Le petit Larousse des grands evenements de l'histoire de France / Le plus et le moins / by De Luca, Erri, Le vocabulaire des institutions indo-europeennes, by Benveniste, Emile, Le vocabulaire des institutions indo-europeennes, by Benveniste, Emile, Lectures on behavioral macroeconomics / by Grauwe, Paul de. Legal measures for managing the deceased's digital assets in online accounts / by Tulsiri Wata, Legal measures on controlling medical tourism facilitator / by Kanparpat Noppharesksawat, Legal mechanisms for consumer protection in sweepstakes promotion / by Porntavan Imchai, Legal problem concerning non-smoker's health protection / by Pathama Siamhan, Legal problems involving leasehold condominium in terms of the effectiveness of the law enforcement / by Narintip Songchitsomboon, Legal problems of e-commerce trustmark in Thailand / by Chatanut Khiewcham, Legal problems on demurrage in voyage charters / by Weena Akarachotikavanith, Legal problems on duty of disclosure under marine insurance contract / by Panuwat Foongwanich, Legal problems on the investment in state undertaking under the Private Investment in State Undertaking Act B.E. 2556 / by Natcha Khiangprakhong, Les citations et les références dans Rien que la terre de Paul Morand / by Piyatas Imphaiboon, Les Institutions de la France / Les invasions barbares : by Michaud, Eric. Limits to globalization : by Sheppard, Eric S. Living in China / by Xia, Jun. Macroeconomics : by Littleboy, Bruce, Macroeconomics : by Li, Xiaoxi. Making money : by Bjerg, Ole, Makyung : Malaysia / Management / by Griffin, Ricky W., Managerial economics / by Png, Ivan, Managing complexity : Managing risk and uncertainty : by Friberg, Richard, Managing the transition to a low-carbon economy : Manufacturing and managing customer-driven derivatives / by Qu, Dong, Manusia dan alam sekitar / by Khairuddin Kamaruddin, Marx and human nature : by Geras, Norman, Maternal-newborn nursing : Medical-surgical nursing : Medicine in China : by Unschuld, Paul U. Meeting the challenges of secondary education in Latin America and East Asia : Mencius says = Meta-heuristics optimization algorithms in engineering, business, economics, and finance / Metabolic encephalopathy / Michel Foucault : Microeconomics : by Borland, Jeff. Microwave cooking from Litton : Misu hakase igo no shashin gijutsushi monogatari / by Korematsu, Shinobu. Monetary policy analysis under headline and core inflation targeting in Thailand / by Kerkkiat Phrommin, Monolog kecil : by Baharuddin Zainal. Mt. Taishan = Multilingual education : Musical works : by Jessadapohn Somboonpong, Mutual fund flows and past performance : by Kritchai Chatkraiseri, Networks in China / by Zhao, Shijun. Never give in : by Specter, Arlen. No growth without equity? : Non-use cancellation against trademark registration in Thailand / by Jeerakarn Nakarat, Nonverbal communication in human interaction / by Knapp, Mark L. Omics in plant breeding / On the pleasure principle in culture : by Pfaller, Robert. Operations management : by Heizer, Jay H. Orchestra of exiles : by Aronson, Josh. Organization theory & design / by Daft, Richard L. Organizational behavior : by Newstrom, John W. Ornament : by Picon, Antoine. Overcoming drought : Pantun Pak Nazel 3 : by Nazel Hashim Mohamad, Parametricism 2.0 : Parents' satisfaction with the International School Eastern Seaboard / by Prapakorn Kotarak. Passing of risk in the sale of goods ordinance 1896 in Sri Lanka; an antiquated theory? : a comparative study / by Kithsiri Jayalath Kubalthara Arachchige Don. Patent exhaustion in cases of recycling and repair of goods / by Anirut Somboon, PBL made simple : Peace and kindness / Penulisan akademik sastera / by A. Rahman Hanafiah Perhaps in Paradise : by Ellina binti Abdul Majid. Peribahasa dan ungkapan Inggeris-Melayu / by Amir Muslim. Perkaitan semantik-sintaksis kata kerja dengan preposisi bahasa Melayu / by Maslida Yusof. Perspectives on climate change : Persuading people : by Cockcroft, Robert, Placing the border in everyday life / Pocket pantheon : by Badiou, Alain. Politics of time : by Osborne, Peter, Politics online : by Davis, Richard, Positively American : by Schumer, Charles E. Postsecular Benjamin : by Britt, Brian M., Practical business statistics / by Siegel, Andrew F. Practical financial management / by Lasher, William. Prinsip dan aplikasi kesantunan berbahasa / Problems of bank guarantee under Thai law / by Warisa Charoensuk, Proceedings The 3rd International Conference "Social and health inequity and globalization : the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) perspective" / Proceedings The 4th International Joint Conference on Society and Health "Global health society and human development" / Progress and confusion : Prosa warisan / by Aripin Said, Psychiatric nursing care plans / by Fortinash, Katherine M. Psychotropic drugs / by Keltner, Norman L. Putting CLIL into practice / by Ball, Phil, Quantitative methods for business / by Anderson, David R. Quest for power : by Halsey, Stephen R., Ramakien : by Marcel, Jean, Rang wu xing de wen hua shi dai chuan cheng / by Qian, Minjie. Rational expectations and inflation / by Sargent, Thomas J. Razak Sensei : by Kalthom Husain. Read my desire : by Copjec, Joan. Reading confessional plays : by Irisa Chansiri, Reading in China / by Yu, Hui. Reading Thai murals / by Wyatt, David K. Recursive models of dynamic linear economies / by Hansen, Lars Peter. Reform, inclusion, and teacher education : Regional inequality in Thailand : Regulation : by Brady, John. Rencontre-- rencontres : by Bouter, Patrick de. Renoir : by Renoir, Auguste, Reporting and disclosing the pollution information under the Factory Act B.E. 2535 / by Pakarat Sricharoensukphak, Rethinking expectations : Rethinking macroeconomics : by McDonald, John F., Reussir ses etudes litteraires en francais / by Mangiante, Jean-Marc. Rook's textbook of dermatology / Rungus, peribumi Momugun Sabah / by Raymond Majumah, Sabotage and deterrence incentive in tournament : by Sorravich Kingsuwankul, Saiseeteekai : by Jutanya Pianvanich, Saiseeteekai : by Atip Tantanut, Saiseeteekai : by Supaporn Phunyawattakanon, Saiseeteekai food entrepreneur club operation strategy / by Nuntawadee Lamaikoon, Saiseeteekai, sales marketing and branding / by Budsamard Tangsirikit, Satisfaction of Thai Airways International cabin crew toward Chiangmai line Station Hotel / by Attapinya Sirikittikorn. Schools and institutions of higher education in the Federal Republic of Germany : by Führ, Christoph. Seamless learning in the age of mobile connectivity / Seasoned equity offering and the influences from market timing and corporate life cycle : by Patindhat Prateeppornnarong, Services marketing : by Wirtz, Jochen. Shanghai / Siang tak pernah mungkir dan kau akan dewasa : by Baharuddin Zainal. Silang seni Siti Zainon Ismail / by Sakinah Abu Bakar. Simulation with Arena / by Kelton, W. David. Six thinking hats / by De Bono, Edward, Social entrepreneurship and innovation : Social policies in an age of austerity : Social Theory in Popular Culture / by Barron, Lee, Solving problems with design thinking : by Liedtka, Jeanne. Spectrum auctions in Asia / by Pintuporn Tirasvasdichai, Staffing organizations / by Heneman, Herbert Gerhard, Statistics for business and economics / Stedman's pocket medical dictionary. by Stedman, Thomas Lathrop, Steelheart / by Sanderson, Brandon. Sticking it out : by Niemi, Patti. Stock market integration : by Phenpimol Boonbandanrit, Strategy and game theory : by Munoz-Garcia, Felix. Students' satisfaction with Pridi Banomyong Library, Thammasat University, Thaprachan Campus / by Varisa Puangmaha. Sun zi says = Sustaining power resources through energy optimization and engineering / Sweden & Swedes / by Britton, Claes, Tatabahasa dewan / Teori asas nahu / by Asmah Haji Omar, Thaksin : by Pasuk Phongpaichit, The adventure of French philosophy / by Badiou, Alain. The age of the poets : by Badiou, Alain. The Altenberg 16 : by Mazur, Suzan. The better angels of our nature : by Pinker, Steven, The bounds of reason : by Gintis, Herbert. The Cairo Conference of 1943 : by Heiferman, Ronald. The Cambridge companion to liberation theology / The Cambridge guide to blended learning for language teaching / The Cambridge guide to research in language teaching and learning / The Caucasian tiger : The China dream / by Li, Junru, The complete Zaha Hadid / by Hadid, Zaha. The Constitution of the United States of America : The development of a measure of customer-oriented product returns service performance / by Chonlada Sajjanit, The earth : by Krivine, Hubert. The economics of food security / The economics of marriage / The Federal Reserve and the financial crisis / by Bernanke, Ben. The good life : by Fischer, Edward F., The great convergence : by Baldwin, Richard E. The heart of Bangkok and Thammasat University / by Srisurang Poolthupya. The Image of Jews in contemporary China / The impact of cultural gap and leadership gap on job satisfaction in Japanese companies in Thailand / by Wang, Agnieszka, The impact of the amendment to the principle of suretyship under the Civil and Commercial Code Amendment Act, (no. 20 and no. 21), on the security forms under the construction contntract for large project / by Pakorn Sirinanthananon, The incorporation of World Englishes into EFL classroom practice : by Jaruda Rajani Na Ayuthaya, The innocents abroad, or, The new pilgrims' progress : by Twain, Mark, The Kreutzer sonata variations : The least of all possible evils : by Weizman, Eyal. The lettering of the letter in Raymond Carver's "Blackbird pie," "Cathedral," and "Why, honey?" / by Korphong Witchayapakorn, The New world of health promotion : The Obama nation : by Corsi, Jerome R. The Other half of gender : The Oxford handbook of creative industries / The Oxford handbook of philosophy and literature / The passions and the interests : by Hirschman, Albert O. The political and cultural relationship between India and Thailand / by Amara Thera. The price of rights : by Ruhs, Martin. The principled communicative approach : by Arnold, Jane, The relationship between business cycles and leverage : by Tharadol Rimchala, The religion of the future / by Unger, Roberto Mangabeira. The restoration of Wat Bakong Murals in Cambodia / The right of the employer over electronic information created in the course of employment / by Penkea Thitipraganwong, The right to be forgotten under Thai law / by Daongoen Chinpongsanont, The Royal imprint on international relations / by Bulong Srikanok. The sharing economy : by Brady, Amy. The significance of regulating virtual currency service busineses in Thailand / by Sirima Wiriyaphochai, The State of state reform in Latin America / The Sunday Philosophy Club / by McCall Smith, Alexander, The unfolding of language : by Deutscher, Guy, The Verso book of dissent : The way of mental developmement in Buddhism / by Amara Thera. The Way to the top : The World Bank policy for projects on international waterways : by Salman, Salman M. A., Thinking about basic beliefs : by Kahane, Howard, Thoughts of a Polish Jew : by Lilien-Brzozdowiecki, Artur. Tibet China : by An, Caidan. Time series econometrics / by Neusser, Klaus. Titis darah Kanang : Trade policy in Asia : Trade-related investment measures : by Chao, Chi-Chur. Transparency measures to control financial interactions between physicians or healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical companies / by Ariya Suebphanwongs, TRIZ technology for innovation / by Bukhman, Isak. Un modele et un instrument d'analyse de l'organisation du discours / by Roulet, Eddy. Unternehmen Deutsch : by Becker, Norbert. Urban economics / by O'Sullivan, Arthur. Using blended learning : by Hew, Khe Foon. Utopia or bust : by Kunkel, Benjamin. Van Gogh a Paris : by Gogh, Vincent van, Versailles : by Kemp, Gerald van der, Vertical : by Graham, Stephen, Vertical and horizontal FDI technology spillovers in Thai manufacturing : by Pattarakorn Tantratananuwat, Violent borders : by Jones, Reece. Virtual competition : by Ezrachi, Ariel, Vocabulaire progressif du francais : by Lombardini, Amelie. Vocabulaire progressif du francais : by Leroy-Miquel, Claire. Vocabulaire progressif du francais : by Leroy-Miquel, Claire. Vocabulaire progressif du francais : by Leroy-Miquel, Claire. Water resource economics : by Griffin, Ronald C., Water rights and social justice in the Mekong region / We are not amused : by Bell, Nancy, We are our brains : by Swaab, D. F. What really works in special and inclusive education : by Mitchell, David. What to think about machines that think : What's cool in China / by Kang, Tao. Where is the wealth of nations? : Where to invade next / Whose reality counts? : by Chambers, Robert, Why Europe matters for Britain : by McCormick, John, Wisdom of the elders / by Knudtson, Peter. Wittgenstein's antiphilosophy / by Badiou, Alain. Women of war, women of woe : Writing paragraphs / by Tragarn Kalchayanant. Wu qin xi / Your inner fish : by Shubin, Neil. Zhongguo gu dai wen xue. Zhongguo gu dai wen xue. by Wang, Qingyun. Zhuangzi says wo hen hao! = ภาษาเยอรมันเพื่อการท่องเที่ยว = Deutsch fur touristik / by ชูศรี มีวงศ์อุโฆษ. รพี 2558 / รายงานประจำปี / ริเริ่มก่อตั้งสมาคมประชาชาติเอเชียตะวันออกเฉียงใต้ (ASEAN) / by ถนัด คอมันตร์. อำนาจการให้รัฐธรรมนูญ : by อานนท์ จำปาดะ, เอกสารวิจัยข้อเสนอแนะเชิงนโยบายตัวแสดงระหว่างประเทศในความขัดแย้งถึงตายที่ชายแดนใต้ : แบบฝึกหัดคิด พิชิต Mind map สำหรับผู้บริหาร หัวหน้างานและพนักงาน / by ธัญญา ผลอนันต์,