New Books 2017-07 (Foreign) RSS feed for public list New Books 2017-07 (Foreign) "My gun was as tall as me" : by Heppner, Kevin. [Cheng shi zhi lu / by Wang, Jie. [Pakisutan, Gandara Bijutsuten / [Sheng huo zhi lu / by Gong, Wen. 1001 science questions answered. 101 tales of a fabled city / by Sheikh, Majid. 50 great myths of human evolution : by Relethford, John. A brief history of Bali : by Hanna, Willard A. A Brief history of Pakistan : by Nadiem, Ihsan H. A Collection of practices from UNICEF's mine action experience in Cambodia. A Companion to urban anthropology / A handbook for translator trainers : by Kelly, Dorothy. A new companion to digital humanities / A study of factors affecting purchasing behavior of foreigners for single-detached retirement residences in Thailand / by Nattasorn Chaiprasittikul, Action research and organizational capacity building : Age of anger : by Mishra, Pankaj. Al Capone : by Bair, Deirdre. Algorithms to live by : by Christian, Brian, An introduction to feminism / by Finlayson, Lorna, Analysing political speeches : by Charteris-Black, Jonathan, Arab-Iranian rivalry in the Persian Gulf : by Sharifi-Yazdi, Farzad Cyrus. ASEAN champions : by Park, Seung-ho, ASEAN Economic Community : Athens & Jerusalem / by Shestov, Lev, Aviation law for pilots / by Underdown, R. B. Becoming and being an applied linguist : Beethoven in China : by Cai, Jindong Body language : by Kuhnke, Elizabeth. Bones around my neck : by Loos, Tamara Lynn. Book of peoples of the world : Breaking barriers towards a millennium of quality : Building colonialism : by Rhodes, Daniel T. Cambodia's second kingdom : by Noren-Nilsson, Astrid, Cambridge advanced learner's dictionary / Challenges and suggestions for enhancing Inter-Agency Contingency Planning: Child soldier use, 2003 : China's peaceful development and building a harmonious world / Christian theology : by McGrath, Alister Edgar, Cities in China / by Wang, Jie. Clinical anatomy for medical students / by Snell, Richard S. Coaching up! : by Fliegel, Jordan Lancaster, Collins dictionary electronics : by Sinclair, Ian Robertson, Communicating with Asia : Computational linguistics and natural language processing / Comrades of color : Concentrationary imaginaries : Concise medical dictionary / Conservation : by Mulder, Monique Borgerhoff. Constitutionalism and legal change in Myanmar / Contemporary conflict resolution : by Ramsbotham, Oliver. Contrastive linguistics : Corporations and other business associations : by O'Kelley, Charles R. Creating momentum : Critical theory and the critique of political economy : by Bonefeld, Werner, Cursed legacy : by Spotts, Frederic. Death in the city : by Sloan, Kathryn A., Decision making in dental treatment planning / Defending politics : by Flinders, Matthew V. Delegating work : Democracy promotion as foreign policy : by Elliott, Cathy. Democratic empire : by Cullen, Jim, Design and national identity / by Gimeno Martínez, Javier. Development of weighted optimality criteria and genetic algorithm for design selection of response surface designs / by Apisak Chairojwattana. by Apisak Chairojwattana, Dictionary of banking terms / by Fitch, Thomas P. Digital culture and religion in Asia / by Han, Sam, Disarmament demobilisation and reintegration of children associated with the fighting forces : Door to door : by Humes, Edward. Eat my Schwartz : by Schwartz, Geoff, Enrichment at the claimant's expense : by Ball, E. B. S. Entrepreneurship : by Barringer, Bruce R. Environment and health in the People's Republic of China : Equitable compensation and disgorgement of profit / Essential Bukowski : by Bukowski, Charles. Esther the wonder pig : by Jenkins, Steve, Evelyn Waugh : by Eade, Philip. Everything explained that is explainable : by Boyles, Denis. Extraordinary circumstances : by Cooper, Cynthia, Extreme right parties in Western Europe / by Ignazi, Piero. Farm worker futurism : by Marez, Curtis. Fictions of labor : by Godden, Richard, Footprints in Spain : by Courtauld, Simon, Foreign front : by Slobodian, Quinn, France : by Fenby, Jonathan. From Yak-herding to enlightenment : Geo-narratives of a filial son : by Kindall, Elizabeth. Headway. by Soars, John, Hemingway in love : by Hotchner, A. E., Heritage and identity in contemporary Thailand : by King, Ross. Hover over her : by Osowski, Leah Poole How power shapes energy transitions in Southeast Asia : by Marquardt, Jens. How Shakespeare put politics on the stage : by Lake, Peter. How small non-profit organizations apply online media platform effectively / by Prim Leelawutharak, I contain multitudes : by Yong, Ed. Ideas of liberty in early modern Europe : Innovation is a state of mind : by O'Loghlin, James, Internal auditing : Introducing urban anthropology / by Jaffe, Rivke. Invisible people : by Rabbani, Mian Raza, James Joyce and the problem of psychoanalysis / by Thurston, Luke. Jinnah : by Jinnah, Mahomed Ali, Just married : by Macedo, Stephen Joseph, Justice : L'affaire Arnolfini : by Postel, Jean-Philippe, L'idee de litterature a l'epreuve des arts populaires (1870-1945) / Lacan, Deleuze and world politics : by Zevnik, Andreja. Languages and literacies as mobile and placed resources / Last testament : by Benedict Le parjure, peut-etre : by Derrida, Jacques. Leading lives that matter : Leo Strauss : by Howse, Robert, Les theoriciens de l'art / Life and words : by Das, Veena. Life support : by Vora, Kalindi, Lifestyle in China / by Gong, Wen. Linguistic diversity and social justice : by Piller, Ingrid, Linguistic ethnography : Linguistic relativity : by Everett, Caleb. Linguistics for dummies / by Burton, Strang. Living language : by Ahearn, Laura M., Luxury in global perspective : Macro federalism and local finance / Managing for happiness : by Appelo, Jurgen, Marketing 4.0 : by Kotler, Philip. Meditations / by Thanissaro, Modernism's print cultures / by Hammill, Faye. More Manto : by Manto, Saadat Hasan, My dear Li : by Heisenberg, Werner, My lost poets : by Levine, Philip. Narrative of Pakistan / by Sheikh, Muhammad Siddique. Nation and classical music : by Riley, Matthew, Nationalism in Asia : by Kingston, Jeffrey, Nationalizing France's Army : by Tozzi, Christopher J., Neo-Confucianism : by Angle, Stephen C., Never look an American in the eye : by Ndibe, Okey, New English file. by Oxenden, Clive. New headway. by Soars, John, No relief : by Buchanan, Cate. Nonviolence and Islamic imperatives / by Chaiwat Satha-Anand, On tyranny : by Snyder, Timothy. Outlandish knight : by Dinshaw, Minoo. Pathways to sustainable development / Pathways to sustainable development amid "6f" crisis : by Suleri, Abid Qaiyum. Perfect your presentations : by Shipside, Steve. Perspectives for contemporary music in the 21st century / Philosophical anthropology / by Ricoeur, Paul. Philosophical foundations of education / by Ozmon, Howard. Plural international relations in a divided world / by Chan, Stephen, PM abatement strategy for the Bangkok Metropolitan area / Poetry, protest and politics : by Chowdhary, Supriya, Postcolonialism : by Young, Robert, Practice from the heart : Pressed for all time : Private law and the value of choice / by Voyiakis, Emmanuel. Problems and materials on secured transactions / by Rusch, Linda J., Prove it! : by Barr, Stacey. Psychological science under scrutiny : Public policy praxis : by Clemons, Randall S. Quantitative research methods in translation and interpreting studies / by Mellinger, Christopher D. Refugees in extended exile : by Hyndman, Jennifer. Renaissance & early modern era (1308-1600) / Return to Cold War / by Legvold, Robert. Rousseau between nature and culture : Routledge handbook of international political sociology / Sabotage art : Science and racket sports IV / Seeking changes : Selected writings of Max Reger / by Reger, Max, Sex trafficking in Southeast Asia : by Jacobsen, Trudy. Shareholder primacy and corporate governance : by Wen, Shuangge. Sir Aurel Stein and the 'Lords of the Marches' : by Olivieri, Luca Maria. Smile please : by Rhys, Jean. Southeast Asia in ruins : by Tiffin, Sarah. Stolen legacy : by Gold, Dina. Sunny memories of foreign lands / by Stowe, Harriet Beecher, Synthesis and characterization of meso-tetraphenylporphyrin derivatives and their copper (II) complexes / by Tossapon Phromsatit, Teaching and researching language learning strategies : by Oxford, Rebecca L. Teaching translation : Teen talk : by Tagliamonte, Sali A. Thailand's sustainable development sourcebook : The "bare life" of Thai migrant workmen in Singapore / by Pattana Kitiarsa. The anthropology of language : by Ottenheimer, Harriet, The Best Australian science writing 2016 / The Constitution of Taiwan : by Ye, Junrong, The courage of hopelessness : by Zizek, Slavoj. The cunning of uncertainty / by Nowotny, Helga. The development of a portable antioxidant analyzer using a smartphone / by Nguyen, Hau Van, The drafting history of UCC Article 5 / by Dolan, John F. The elements of eloquence : by Forsyth, Mark. The enlightened shareholder value principle and corporate governance / by Keay, Andrew R. The evenings : by Reve, Gerard, The handbook of computational linguistics and natural language processing / The Holocaust, Israel and 'the Jew' : The impact of cultural gap and leadership gap on job satisfaction in Japanese companies in Thailand / by Wang, Agnieszka, The inequality trap : by Watson, William G. The innovation race : by Grant, Andrew The king's diamond / by Whitaker, Weem. The leadership challenge : by Kouzes, James M., The Linguistics of punctuation / The Linguistics of sign languages : The long sixties : by Strain, Christopher B., The menorah : by Fine, Steven. The mistletoe murder and other stories / by James, P. D. The murderous history of Bible translations : by Freedman, Harry. The nature and nurture of love : by Vicedo, Marga. The oil palm complex : The Oxford Bible commentary / The Oxford handbook of compounding / The Palace law of Ayutthaya and the Thammasat : The Palestine question : by Hussain, Fatima. The PDR pocket guide to prescription drugs. The pillars of the Earth / by Follett, Ken. The price of linguistic productivity : by Yang, Charles D. The public policy theory primer / by Smith, Kevin B., The rhinoceros and the megatherium : by Pimentel, Juan. The school library media manager / by Woolls, Blanche. The sciencebook : The souls of China : by Johnson, Ian, The sounds of the world's languages / by Ladefoged, Peter. The untold story of the talking book / by Rubery, Matthew. The Vietnam War : Thoughtful musings : by Nadīm Qāsimī, Aḥmad, Through the language glass : by Deutscher, Guy, Translation and migration / by Inghilleri, Moira. Translation and rewriting in the age of post-translation studies / by Gentzler, Edwin, Translation as communication across languages and cultures / by House, Juliane. Trends in maternal mortality: 1990 to 2010 : Trespass : by Ilyas, Muhammad. Twelve sharp / by Evanovich, Janet. Under the shadow of the rising sun : by Medzini, Meron. Understanding language change / by Burridge, Kate. Understanding the life course : by Green, Lorraine Urothelial cancer / Victoria the Queen : by Baird, Julia Vocabulary in use : by McCarthy, Michael, War and peace in the borderlands of Myanmar : What to do when machines do everything : by Frank, Malcolm. When Churchill slaughtered sheep and Stalin robbed a bank : by Milton, Giles. When memory comes / by Friedl่ander, Saul, Why politics matters : by Stoker, Gerry, Why Wilson matters : by Smith, Tony, Women in culture : Women's/gender studies in Asia-Pacific / Working with difficult people / by Lapin, Raphael. Xinhua zidian. You don't have to like me : by Nugent, Alida. Youth in transition : โรฮิงญา : by ดุลยภาค ปรีชารัชช.