New Books 2017-09 (Foreign) RSS feed for public list New Books 2017-09 (Foreign) [Han yu 8000 ci cidian] = [Hanyu 800 zi] = [Jing cheng hu tong liu zhen] = by Shen, Yantai. [Laozi / by Laozi. [Liu xue zhi nan / [Tai han cidian] = [Wen hua ru shui / by Sun, Jiazheng. [Xiu xian hao shi guang] = by Wu, Di. [Zhong guo fu shi / by Hua, Mei, [Zhong guo xi zang de li shi di wei / by Wang, Jiawei. [Zhongguo cha / by Liu, Tong. [Zhongguo chuan tong gong yi / by Hang, Jian. [Zhongguo gong chan dang yu Zhongguo de fa zhan jin bu / by Zhang, Baijia, [Zhongguo gong chan dang yu Zhongguo min zhu zheng zhi / by Zhang, Zhiming, [Zhongguo hui hua / by Lin, Ci. [Zhongguo shao shu min zu jie ri / by Xing, Li. [Zhongguo shao shu min zu ti yu / by Zhang, Tao, [Zhongguo shao shu min zu wu dao / by Li, Beida. [Zhongguo shao shu min zu yin yue / by Li, Yongxiang. [Zhongguo shi shang re dian / by Kang, Tao. [Zhongguo shu fa / by Chen, Tingyou, [Zhongguo yuan lin / by Lou, Qingxi. [Zou xiang 21 shi ji de sheng ming zun yan : 10 ปี AFET ปลูกต้นกล้าสู่ราคาโลก / 13 hours 22 secrets of learning thai. by Manik, Dhyan. A biography of King Naresuan the Great / by Damrongrachanuphap, A Dictionary of law / A green microfluidic system for determination of silver ion using C-Phycocyanin from cyanobacteria as a natural reagent / by Nguyen, Duy Hien, A history of Ayutthaya : by Baker, Christopher John, A meeting of masks : by Vorng, Sophorntavy. A nation without borders : by Hahn, Steven, A review on grain size distribution on stone mastic asphalt mixture design / by Danis Anurak, A study of consumer attitudes towards whitening advertising / by Chananya Vongudorn. Advanced practical organic chemistry. by Leonard, J. Agriculture in the lower Mekong basin : by Liere, Willem J. van American mestizos, the Philippines, and the malleability of race, 1898-1961 / by Molnar, Nicholas Trajano. An anomalous Jew : by Bird, Michael F. An estimation of the external cost of photovoltaic-oriented silicon production in China / by Wang, Zanxin. An overview of BPS Statistics Indonesia : Analysis of flood management in the Chao Phraya River Basins : by Suthad Veesakul Analyzing the determinants of farmers’ adaptation to climate change in the Chao Phraya River Basin : by Kannika Thampanishvong. Animal-themed paintings in ancient China / by Geng, Mingsong. Ann Wolff : by Fahrner-Tutsek, Eva-Maria, Annual report / Anthropology : by Kottak, Conrad Phillip. Application of number-theoretic methods in the generation of space-filling designs / by Wipawan Laoarun, Arabian nights / Asia water watch 2015 : Attack on Titan. Barthes : by Samoyault, Tiphaine. Bastille day Beijing 2008 Olympic games : Belle painting of ancient China / by Liu, Fengwen. Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works : Beyond boundaries : Bibliometric study of PhD. disseratations submitted to the Department of History, University of Yangon (2002-2007) / by Oo, Ohn Mar. Bicycle culture : by Koranis Thongphandun. Boychoir British language & culture / Building digital culture : by Rowles, Daniel. Business adventures : by Brooks, John, Capacity building and policy needs assessment for sustainable consumption and production : Capacity building and policy needs assessment for sustainable consumption and production : Capital mobility in Asia : by Juthathip Jongwanich. CFD study of drag reduction on a sedan car / by Chanon Jiratiticharoen. Changing lives in Laos : Children of China = by Zordan, Luca. China, questions & answers / by Lan, Xinzhen. China's calligraphy art through the ages / by Gao, Changsan. China's progress towards the Millennium Development Goals 2008 report. Chinese enterprises in the 21st century / by Che, Yuming. Chorus singing from the people / by Wang, Yang. Cities for people, not for profit : Cold War / by Isaacs, Jeremy, Colonialism and homosexuality / by Aldrich, Robert, Columbus day Communication strategies for wardrobe business in online media / by Supakan Tanaradtananon. Computational methods for electric power systems / by Crow, Mariesa. Convention Relating to the Distribution of Programme-Carrying Signals Transmitted by Satellite, done at Brussels on May 21, 1974. Counterfeit banknote detector / by Rewat Saisuntorn, Critical metals for future sustainable technologies and their recycling potential / by Buchert, Matthias, Culture is like water / by Sun, Jiazheng. Cutting edge : Daisy Dances of the Chinese minorities / by Li, Beida. Daylight Decentralization of water management in Thailand : by Deunden Nikomborirak. Democratic People's Republic of Korea Environment and climate change outlook / Der Garten von Hermann Hesse : by Eberwein, Eva. Design & development of robot hand / by Jassadar Jayasananon, Design and testing of a solar thermoelectric generator / by Haque, Tahsinul, Design of trolley for transferring tires using simulation program / by Norrapat Somyanontanagul. Designing and improving performance of atmospheric water generator / by Kim, Kyung Hoon, Development and testing of indicators for sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific. Development of a protocol based on immunoassay for identifying PDGF-BB aptamer binding region / by Vu, Quang Cong Development of colorimetric detection for genetically modified materials by using gold nanoparticles / by Nakorn Sornsomboon, Development of energy efficient wall / by Thanasak Lapnarongchai, Development of hybrid motorcycle conversion kit / by Chalita Ngamsriweset. Development of manufacturing industries in Nepal : Development of solar radiation maps of Vietnam from long-term satellite data for renewable energy applications : Dictionnaire amoureux de la Suisse / by Arditi, Metin, Disaster risk reduction and land management in flood-prone areas : by Herrmann, Wilfried A. Eargineer / by Wasin Varabuntoonvit. Economic analysis of Grassland management policy in Inner Mongolia, China / by Liping, Gao. Economic transformation and business opportunities in Asia / by Pongsak Hoontrakul. Electrical machines : by Gieras, Jacek F. Elena and the secret of Avalor Emergency appeals / Equals Equinox flower Ethnic conflict regulation in Southern Thailand / by Boonrat Rattaborirak, Evaluating travel time in Bangkok, Thailand / by Pimpimol Chansang, Everyday arthritis solutions : by Laliberte, Richard. Everyday Chinese : by Zhong, Qin. Everyday Chinese wisdom = Exchange of cross border credit information under ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) financial services : by Nuttinee Kaewsa-ard, Exposed Factors push households to determine traveling foreign country / by Panisa Lertpimonchai. Faefever / by Moning, Karen Marie. Feasibility study of retailing confectioneries online / by Chudchanun Sub-Udomkul. Flood risk management for industrial estates in Lower Chao Phraya River Basin : by Somchai Jitsuchon. Flora, les fleurs dans l'Antiquite : Florence diary / by Athill, Diana. Flower-and-bird painting in ancient China / by Liu, Fengwen. Framework for shaping sustainable lifestyles : by Lewis, Akenji. Fungible life : by Ong, Aihwa. Gay men at the movies : by Mckinnon, Scott. Ghetto : by Duneier, Mitchell. Global environment outlook 4 : Global guidance principles for life cycle assessment databases : Goldscheider : by Dechant, Robert E. Green air-conditioner / by Krittin Bhandhufalck, Green economy and trade sustainability standards in the Vietnamese aquaculture sector / Guidelines for social life cycle assessment of products : Habitatge public a Barcelona : Hacker Headquarters appeal / Herbal composites film production for inflamed acne treatment / by Pimonwan Patimanukul, Histoire mondiale de la France / History of water resource and flood management in Thailand : by Deunden Nikomborirak. Ho Chi Minh, a brilliant thinker / by Song Thanh. Household solar energy / by Chakrit Konthansakul, How to organize your work and your life / by Moskowitz, Robert. Howl's moving castle Human resource development in twentieth-century Japan / by Inoki, Takenori. IFRS primer : by Wiecek, Irene M. Impacts of climate change and development on Mekong flow regimes, first assessment - 2009. Improve your IELTS writing skills / by McCarter, Sam. Improving timeliness and quality of survey statistics : In the name of the father Innocent house / by James, P. D. Institutions and institutional change in land-use and flood management in the Lower Chao Phraya River Basin in Thailand : by Apiwat Ratanawaraha. Instrumentation, measurements, and experiments in fluids / by Rathakrishnan, Ethirajan. Intangible cultural heritage of Bhutan / International accounting / by Choi, Frederick D. S., International labour migration statistics : by Kagan, Sophia. International relations of the Communist Party of China / by Tian, Yongxiang Interpenetrating polymerization of styrene in polypropylene and poly (ethylene terephathalate) using microwave irradiation / by Warisara Boonthong, Intertemporal decisions for oneself and for a group and conservation decisions : Introduction to graph theory / by West, Douglas Brent. Itivuttaka : Julian Po Kalamkari temple hangings / by Dallapiccola, Anna L. Khoe Kay : Kimono meisen : by Thakar, Karun. Knowledge management study of the design of fire academy for Bangkok fire and rescue department (BFRD) / by Autsawat Sungkasame, Kung fu yoga La Chanson de Roland : by Paquette, Jean Marcel. Labor situation in Japan and its analysis : Landowners' preferences for a payment for environmental services program : by Sarun Kamolthip. Le Siam a Fontainebleau : Learning about climate change adaptation through game : by Chaiyasit Anuchitworawong. Learning reform : Learning Thai with ให้ / by Manik, Dhyan. Les empires coloniaux : Let the right one in / by Ajvide Lindqvist, John, Lettre de Hanoï à Roger Martin Du Gard / by Tardieu, Jean, Liability of alcohol sellers : by Busayaporn Kittiwongsathon, Line balance improvement of small motor assembly line / by Supattra Fafoon. Mainstreaming sustainable consumption and production and resource efficiency into development planning / Mao / by Lynch, Michael J., Mao'nun ideolojisi : by Fengcheng, Yang. Mathematical modelling of heat and mass transfer on bio-coal pellets in the combustion process / by Manunchaya noowattana. Medical disclosure for HIV status / by Santipap Dumprapai, Medicine and health care among Chinese ethnic minorities / by Yu, Yan. Merveilleuse Venise / by Colonna, Lucia. Millennium development goals in Sri Lanka : Monsters vs aliens Motivate people : by Ingham, Gavin. My impression of China : by Zhang Yingli. Nanomaterials in energy and environmental applications / No Great Wall : by Boecking, Felix, Ode to my father On the improvement of the Banach contraction mappings principle in various distance spaces and applications / by Pathaithep Kumrod. Outpost 37 Paris in 4 days : Patriots Day Pattern euphoria / Payment for ecosystem services in Thailand and Lao PDR / by Rawadee Jarungrattanapong. Photovoltaic sources modeling / by Petrone, Giovanni. Pick to light systems / by Paramee Sitthikarn. Policy statement of the council of ministers / Pour une histoire des possibles : by Deluermoz, Quentin. Powerful phrases for effective customer service : by Evenson, Renee, Productivity improvement : by Karnjana Mityim. Project feasibility study : by Suwit Kijkrittaya. Project study and research lighting in buildings for to design and applied into National Housing Authority : by Nuanwan Tuaycharoen. Prometheus Properties of wastewater from enzymatic cleaning of coconut milk foulants / by Thamonwan Nopnirun. Protection of product packaging under the Thai trademark law / by Sansanee Tangjaroensukphisan, Quality adjusted personal computer price indexes in Thailand / by Kobpong Tanwongwan, Regression analysis and linear models : by Darlington, Richard B. Report and resource material series. Resource efficiency : by Schandl, Heinz. Revolution, construction and reform : by Zhang, Baijia, Rio Rocket man : Rome convention, 1961 : Room Satellite technology in education / Saving Mr. Banks Season writes-- Kyoto, organic print = by Yanawit Kunchaethong, Security in the field : Selective annotated bibliography of books, theses and dissertations on Myanmar ethnic groups (Shan and Kayin) / by Ni Ni Naing. Shots in the dark : by Cohen, Jon, Smart grid : Smart grid using big data analytics : by Qiu, Robert C., Smart plug / by Payuha Yodharn, Social implications of climate change for land tenure and land policy : by Herrmann, Wilfried A. Some functional equations with tangent function solutions / by Kanet Ponpetch, South-South trade in renewable energy : Southeast Asia : by Osborne, Milton E. Southeast Asia : by Osborne, Milton E. Southeast Asian perspectives on power / Spy high Storks Structual performance evaluation of fire damaged building after reinforcement repair by load test method / by Saritpong Promvicha. Study for the international comparison on industrial statistics in ASEAN countries : Study of marketing communication of bike for mom campaign / by Jiraroj Bothdamrih. Study of the driving seat positioning of a driving simulator for the Thai population / by Pittayut Pattharavuttikul. Study on a pitch shifting algorithm using MATLAB / by Park, Byunghoon. Sully : by Sullenberger, Chesley, Summary the eleventh national economic and social development plan (2012-2016) / Synthesis and characterizations of chlorohydrinated natural rubber from latex using N-Chlorosuccinimide as oil resistant material / by Pattanapol Chanawannakul, Testing fate : by Reuter, Shelley Z. Thailand MICE Venue Standard (TMVS) 2nd edition directory 2015-2017/2016-2018, The appropriation of religion in Southeast Asia and beyond / The art of mentoring : by Pegg, Mike, The bad beginning / by Snicket, Lemony. The best business books ever : The Bloomsbury reader in religion, sexuality, and gender / The Cat returns The cave of the cyclops / by Homer. The communist Party of China and China's political democracy / by Zhang, Zhiming, The Da Vinci code : by Brown, Dan, The development of intellectual property rights in Indonesia / by Moerdiono, The End of summer The FBI career guide : by Koletar, Joseph W. The fellowship of the ring : by Tolkien, J. R. R. The Future of Asean-Korea partnership. The historical status of China's Tibet / by Wang, Jiawei. The Machel review, 1996-2000 : by Machel, Graca. The man in the iron mask / by Dumas, Alexandre, The Man who knew infinity The raising / by Kasischke, Laura, The risk-return relationship in ASEAN-5 stock markets : by Maraporn Kiwiriyakun, The Second World War / by Keegan, John, The structure development of solar assisted tricycle / by Jitphiphat Chunkrachang, The study about how to be a successful soap opera producer / by Kessener, Crystal Jean. Timeout in China / by Wu, Di. Tokyo twilight Tourism in marine protected areas : by Pham, Thi Thanh Thuy. Traditional Chinese culture / Traditions revitalized : Transformations for sustainable development : Transmission of vibration induced by traffic to buildings / by Vishakha Chawla, Transnational Memory and Popular Culture in East and Southeast Asia : by Liew, Kai Khiun. Travel aid for the visually impaired / by Saruta Sudsawad, Treasures of the Albert Hall Museum, Jaipur / Trigger point dry needling : Turkmen carpets : by Tzareva, Elena. Universal respect for human dignity : by Ikeda, Daisaku. Virtural reality journalism : by Ponlawat Popermhem. Vulture in a cage : by Ibn Gabirol, Water governance dynamics in the Mekong Region / Water repellent coating on windshields and glass surfaces / by Peranus Tangchua. What do you know about the Communist Party of China / by Li, Junru, Wisdom of the ancients for today = Work improvement for automotive part manufacturing / by Pornsawan Junto. xXx: return of Xander Cage Yasuhisa Kohyama : by Kohyama, Yasuhisa, Yuan Phai, the defeat of Lanna : รายงานประจำปี / สร้างเขื่อนแม่วงก์เถอะนะ / by โสภณ พรโชคชัย, สำนักทะเบียนและประมวลผล มหาวิทยาลัยธรรมศาสตร์.