New Books 2017-11(Foreign) RSS feed for public list New Books 2017-11(Foreign) [Kodaishi hotsumatsutae no tabi : by Ito, Kyo, 100 ADS design examples : by Behagi, Ali A. 30-second classical music : 80 anys del Patronat Municipal de l'Habitatge en imatges / A case of exploding mangoes / by Hanif, Mohammed. A dictionary of economics / by Black, John, A history of South Africa / by Welsh, Frank. A Siamese for all seasons / by Puey Ungphakorn, A study into the worthiness of plastic card coverage fees and plastic card replacement fees of the Government Savings Bank / by Jiroj Chairatana, Access to knowledge : Adapting to climate change : Africa : by Holgate, Kingsley. After Aquarius dawned : by Kutulas, Judy, Against international relations norms : Against the grain : by Scott, James C. Air cargo management : by Sales, Michael. All out war : by Shipman, Tim. American dervish / by Akhtar, Ayad. An abundance of Katherines / by Green, John, An accidental Brexit : by Welfens, Paul J. J., An exhibition showcasing picture book illustrations of the world = An introduction to database systems / by Date, Chris J., An introduction to population geographies : by Barcus, Holly R. An utterly impartial history of Britain : by O'Farrell, John. Analyse des activites pedagogiques dans les manuels de Francais langue etrangere centres sur la perspective actionnelle / by Kunanya Buaprommat, Annual judicial statistics, Thailand ... Approaches and methods in language teaching / by Richards, Jack C., Architecture of Chinese ethnic minority groups / by Wang, Xiaoling. Archives alive : by Schull, Diantha Dow. Auditing and assurance services : by Stuart, Iris, Awakening : by Frank, Nathaniel. Becoming Jewish : Beginner's spanish / by Stacey, Mark. Behind the baton : by Schwarz, Gerard, Best wishes for Asia : by Puey Ungphakorn, Big agenda : by Horowitz, David, Breaking the curfew : by Duncan, Emma. Brexit : Brexit : by Dunt, Ian. Brexit : by Clarke, Harold D. Building the operatic museum : by Gibbons, William Cake : by Humble, Nicola. Cake : by Levene, Alysa, Cambridge English IELTS 12 : Careers for foreign language aficionados & other multilingual types / by Seelye, H. Ned. Changing governance of local economies : China : the big exporter; its dark side; the case of fake food / by Phongpan Somabha. China and India : by Ogden, Chris China in comparative perspective / by Feuchtwang, Stephan. Chinese architecture : by Cai, Yanxin. Chinese arts & crafts : by Hang, Jian. Chinese furniture : by Zhang, Xiaoming, Chinese literature : by Yao, Dan. Chinese myths & legends : by Chen, Lianshan. Christian and Jewish women in Britain, 1880-1940 : by Summers, Anne, Cleavage politics and the populist right : by Bornschier, Simon. Collaborative governance of UNHCR Thailand with the Thai government on resettlement and protection assistance for urban refugees in Thailand in the 21st century / by Watcharaporn Sritaikham. Collected writings : by Bowles, Jane, Collumn "Corporate strategy and financial plan" / by Sudamas Sutangkanu, Collumn "Operation strategy and marketing strategy" / by Chanasit Mongkollarpkij, Comparative economic development in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh : by Kurosaki, Takashi. Computational chemistry : by Lewars, Errol. Contemporary critical discourse studies / Continuous monitoring as a solution to the large sample size problem in occupational exposure assessment / by Sasithorn Srimeechai. Controversially yours / by Akhtar, Shoaib. Copyright for archivists and records managers / by Padfield, Timothy. Counter-expectation in Thai / by Upsorn Tawilapakul. Critical methods in political and cultural economy / Cultural forms of protest in Russia / Cultural specificity in Indonesian film : by Hanan, David. Current English grammar 1 / by Worawan Wongsriwiwat. Daimyo gardens / by Shirahata, Yozaburo, Dances of the Chinese minorities / by Li, Beida. David Jones : by Dilworth, Thomas. Democratic transformations in Europe : Der Gurlitt-Komplex : by Meier, Oliver, Developing service oriented government agencies : by De Silva, D. K., Dictionary of real estate terms / by Friedman, Jack P. Dictionnaire amoureux de l'architecture / by Wilmotte, Jean-Michel. Different Thailand / by Werly, Richard. Digital humanities : by Berry, David M. Digital information contexts : by Tredinnick, Luke. Digital minds : Directory of collections, the University of Edinburgh / by Marshall, Joseph, Disability and equity in higher education accessibility / Disney's storybook collection / Dissecting antismokers' brains / by McFadden, Michael J. Early Auden, later Auden : by Mendelson, Edward, East Asian strategic review / Edith Craig and the theatres of art / by Cockin, Katharine, Education for ethnic minorities / by Xia, Shiwu. Educational measurement / Eggs. Emperor of China : by Kangxi, Energy market cooperation in ASEAN / by Poggel, Sebastian, Energy, governance and security in Thailand and Myanmar (Burma) : by Simpson, Adam. English for accounting / by Frendo, Evan. Enhancing boundaries-- Alhamra's 12th annual exhibition of paintings, sculpture, ceramics & graphic arts by young artists, 2016 / Entre-textes : European citizenship after Brexit : by Mindus, Patricia. European politics / by Kubicek, Paul. Evaluating language assessments / by Kunnan, Antony John. Everybody behaves badly : by Blume, Lesley M. M., Everybody writes : by Handley, Ann, Everything under the heavens : by French, Howard W. Explaining the East Asian peace : by Tonnesson, Stein. Faiz, fifty poems / by Faiz, Faiz Ahmad, Fifty things that made the modern economy / by Harford, Tim, Flaubert in the ruins of Paris : by Brooks, Peter, Flexible and generalized uncertainty optimization : by Lodwick, Weldon A. Fluke. : by Mazur, Joseph. Folk cloth articles / by Chen, Xiaoping Folk embroidery / by Li, Youyou. Folk new year pictures / by Lan, Xianlin. Folk shadow play / by Wei, Liqun, Forever words : by Cash, Johnny. Fortune cookie / by Courtenay, Bryce, Frankie D. Fixer : by Niramai Tangsuwan, Frankie D. Fixer : by Kraivit Assawawongsathien, From Boal to Jana Sanskriti : by Ganguly, Sanjoy. From the ground up : by Chetkovich, Carol A. Futures of comparative literature : Fyodor Dostoevsky-- in the beginning, 1821-1845 : by Marullo, Thomas Gaiton. Game of thorns : by Wead, Doug. Gertrude Weil : by Rogoff, Leonard. Giambattista Vico and the new psychological science / Global trends in sustainable energy investment 2009 : Globalization and the decolonial option / Governing hybrid organisations : by Johanson, Jan-Erik. Governing refugees : by McConnachie, Kirsten. Grammar of the shot / by Bowen, Christopher J. Grammar pattern learning through data driven learning / by Nuchsara Choksuansup, Green economy and trade opportunities : Grounding religion : Gynocentric reading on Virginia Woolf's Orlando / by Pasita Thongcheua, H. Jones, VC : by Wilsey, John, Handbook of blockchain, digital finance, and inclusion. Handbook of blockchain, digital finance, and inclusion. Handbook of social theory / Handbook on sustainability transition and sustainable peace / Happiness in the workplace : by Wang, Pei Shan, Hell's traces : by Ripp, Victor. Histoire de la France : by Kerherve, Jean. Histoire du moyen age : by Minois, Georges, History of the future of economic growth : How to do your research project : by Thomas, Gary, How to make people like you in 90 seconds or less / by Boothman, Nicholas. How to succeed in law school / by Munneke, Gary A. How Trump won : by Pollak, Joel B.. Human rights after Hitler : by Plesch, Daniel. Immediate effects of voluntary motor training of trunk stabilizer muscles on response times, postural control, and electromyography of trunk muscles in chronic low back pain patients / by Poramet Earde, In the name of honour : by Patterson, Richard North. Inbound marketing : by Halligan, Brian, Information politics, protests, and human rights in the digital age / Innovative approach of defining focused problems in purpose of identifying attractive entrepreneurial opportunities in the Mekong area / by Sikli, Jonathan F., Innovatively exploring the constraints and challenges faced by malaria patients in the prevetion [i.e. prevention] and control of malaria Nkhata Bay Malawi / by Phiri, John Damison, Insurgency in the most Southern provinces of Thailand and the Philppines' insurgency in Mindanao / by Verada Saikaew. International legal English : by Krois-Lindner, Amy. International political economy in the 21st century : by Smith, Roy H. Iqbal's guidelines for the character building and social development / by Sayyid, Atiyah. Jane Austen, the secret radical / by Kelly, Helena, Jane Welsh Carlyle and her Victorian world : by Chamberlain, Kathy. Jewish history : by Myers, David N. Jinnah of Pakistan / by Wolpert, Stanley A., Jord Sabuy : by Anongluck Sae-lim, Jord Sabuy : by Thanyatorn Sukjit, Jord Sabuy "Parking reservation service" / by Veerarat Angsulapivat, Kamus Inggris-Indonesia = by Echols, John M. Ker-Xavier Roussel, L'après-midi d'un faune : Khaki capital : Klezmer : by Netsky, Hankus. Korean cinema. L'age d'or capetien, 1180-1328 / by Cassard, Jean-Christophe. L'hypersexualisation et l'interdiction des concours de Mini-miss en France / by Thiplada Intham, La France au moyen age du Ve au XVe siecle / by Gauvard, Claude. La France avant la France : by Buhrer-Thierry, Genevieve. La guerre de cent ans : by Minois, Georges, La naissance du capitalisme au Moyen age : by Heers, Jacques. La notation phonetique en lettres Thaies de la consonne /R/ du Francais standard / par Pompet Thanangkorn. by Pompet Thanangkorn, La societe feodale / by Bloch, Marc Leopold Benjamin, Laeta (mobile application) : by Thorpe, Patrick, Laghu Guru upanishad : by Gurprasad. Lahore in the time of the raj / by Talbot, Ian. Land and river grabbing : Le temps de la Guerre de Cent Ans, 1328-1453 / by Bove, Boris. Leading lady : by Galloway, Stephen Leopold Zunz : by Schorsch, Ismar. Little toy : by Phata Techatewon, Little toy : by Wichamai Uachailertkun, Little toy's operation strategy, purchasing, and financial / by Anima Kangwanpornsiri, Local nest : by Suphachai Ruangapirom, Local nest : by Thanakarn Hukharn, Masculinity, sexuality and illegal migration by Ahmad, Ali Nobil. MATLAB guide / by Higham, D. J. Medicine and health care among Chinese ethnic minorities / by Yu, Yan. Medieval foundations of international relations / Melody makers of the subcontinent / by Parvez, Amjad, Melody singers. by Parvez, Amjad, Milosz : by Franaszek, Andrzej Music for the superman : by Huckvale, David. Myanmar's integration with the world : Nation-building and national identity in Timor-Leste / by Leach, Michael, New headway : by Soars, Liz, Novels, tales, journeys : by Pushkin, Aleksandr Sergeevich, Pakistan : by Lieven, Anatol. Party animals : by Aaronovitch, David. People of the First Crusade / by Foss, Michael. Pirate's view of the world history : Policing in colonial Burma / by Lalita Hingkanonta Hanwong. Policy discourses in Malaysian education : Politics in contemporary Southeast Asia : by Kingsbury, Damien. Population and households of Japan 2010 : Porous materials for carbon dioxide capture / Principles of organizational behavior : by Quick, James Campbell. Proverbs meaning and origins of more than 1500 popular sayings / by Manser, Martin H. Psychology of emotion / by Niedenthal, Paula M. Public administration and public affairs / by Henry, Nicholas, Public management reform : by Pollitt, Christopher. Public policy analysis : by Dunn, William N. Putting knowledge to work : Quoi de neuf au Moyen Age ? / Reinhold Niebuhr and international relations theory : by Marques Pedro, Builherme. Report on comparative analysis between multilateral environmental agreements and national socio-economic development in Lao PDR / Prime Minister's Office, Water Resources and Environment Administration. Resorts by Thai architects : Rethinking human security / RF and microwave circuit design : by Behagi, Ali A. Sailing the water's edge : by Milner, Helen V., Sex, politics and society : by Weeks, Jeffrey, Shanghai Pudong miracle : by Zhao, Qizheng. ShareRot : by Trisith Kittisriswai, ShareRot : by Bunntip Chanchumrat, Shoah through Muslim eyes / by Afridi, Mehnaz Mona Skylodge : by Hirun Sawaddikiattikul, Sociology / by Giddens, Anthony. Sociology of sexualities / by Fitzgerald, Kathleen J., Songs of memory : by Vorreiter, Victoria. South Asia in world history / by Gilbert, Marc Jason. Southeast Asia beyond crises and traps : Statistical handbook, Malaysia = Strategic planning and decision-making for public and non-profit organizations / by Valcik, Nicolas A. Successful networking : by Kay, Frances, Sufficiency thinking : Sugar technology insights / by Lionnet, Raoul. Talking Donald Trump : by Sclafani, Jennifer. Tall tales. Tangle of matter & ghost : by Glazer, Aubrey L. Teaching online : by Ko, Susan Schor. Terrorism and counterterrorism / by Nacos, Brigitte Lebens. Thai Buddhist social theory / by Tavivat Puntarigvivat. Thaipusam in Malaysia : by Belle, Carl Vadivella. The 10 best questions for recovering from a heart attack : by Bonner, Dede. The analysis of South Korean cultural soft power achievement as a model for Thailand / by Vareemon Chairungsrilert. The art of cloning : by Pang, Laikwan. The art of invisibility : by Mitnick, Kevin D. The bezels of wisdom / by Ibn al-ʻArabi, The book thieves : by Rydell, Anders, The character of physical law / by Feynman, Richard P. The Christian point of view in C.S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia and J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter / by Nitwadee Silkoon, The consolations of writing : by Zim, Rivkah The construction of communalism in colonial North India / by Pandey, Gyanendra, The courage of composers and the tyranny of taste : The creative process in music from Mozart to Kurtág / by Kinderman, William. The cross : by Jensen, Robin Margaret, The cultural politics of English as an international language / by Pennycook, Alastair, The darkest sides of politics. by Bale, Jeffrey M. The economics of Brexit : by Whyman, Philip, The end of the Asian century : by Auslin, Michael R., The ends of the world / by Danowski, Deborah. The environmental policy paradox / by Smith, Zachary A. The European Union in crisis / The Feminist history reader / The formulation process of the national minimum wage policy : by Ratthavej Chuenjinda. The great regression / The guardians : by Pedersen, Susan, The idea project "Operation strategy and financial plan" / by Nutthapat Kidnithipapai, The idea project "Sales strategy and marketing strategy" / by Porntip Sodthivanich, The impact of China-Central Asia relations on Xinjiang Uyghur Muslim riots / by Liang, Qianli. The karma of questions : by Thanissaro, The King and the making of modern Thailand / by Rappa, Antonio L. The miracle : by Schuman, Michael, The music of China's ethnic minorities / by Li, Yongxiang. The new Islamic State : The no-nonsense guide to archives and recordkeeping / by Crockett, Margaret. The ontological turn : by Holbraad, Martin. The Oxford handbook of Thucydides / The Political economy of Brexit / The political theory of the American founding : by West, Thomas G., The politics of securitization in democratic Indonesia / by Kurniawan, Yandry. The power of purpose : by Leider, Richard. The problem of religious diversity : The ring of truth : by Scruton, Roger. The Routledge companion to banking regulation and reform / The selected essays of Sean O'Faolain / by O'Faolain, Sean, The story of Hebrew / by Glinert, Lewis. The upstairs wife : by Zakaria, Rafia, The Violin / The way of quality : by Lane, Tom. The wood for the trees : by Fortey, Richard A. This long pursuit : by Holmes, Richard, Threading my prayer rug : by Rehman, Sabeeha. To what degree will developing countries' adoption of the welfare state result in its people rejecting religion? / by Tossapon Liptapanlop, Traditional Chinese medicine : by Liao, Yuqun, Traffic and highway engineering / by Garber, Nicholas J. Tragedie de l'amour dans trois romans durs de Georges Simenon / by Waranya Jantarasan, Twelve who ruled : by Palmer, R. R. Twenty questions and answers about the ozone layer 2014 update : by Hegglin, Michaela I. Understanding Singapore politics / by Singh, Bilveer, Understanding Trump / by Gingrich, Newt. Vietnam : by Sirindhorn, Water / by Sidhwa, Bapsi. What the Buddha thought / by Gombrich, Richard F. What the dog saw : by Gladwell, Malcolm, When Sonia met Boris : by Shternshis, Anna. Why? : by Hayes, Peter, Wireless power transfer for electric vehicles and mobile devices / by Rim, Chun T., Word plays : by Brustein, Robert Sanford, X-Ray diffraction crystallography : by Waseda, Yoshio. ความสัมพันธ์ระหว่างมิติของบุคลิกภาพทางอารมณ์กับความผูกพันต่อองค์การ ของเภสัชกรขึ้นทะเบียนผลิตภัณฑ์ในกรุงเทพมหานคร ปทุมธานี นนทบุรี สมุทรปราการ และพระนครศรีอยุธยา = by อัปสร กรีอักษร. บันทึกจากโลกหลังความตายของบ็อบบี้ สวิงเกอร์ส = by ทรงศีล ทิวสมบุญ, รายงานประจำปี. เทวะวงศ์ฯ สาร = แคลคูลัสสำหรับวิศวกรรมศาสตร์ 1 = by ณิชยาภรณ์ มีเดช.