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_bK544 2020
245 0 0 _aKierkegaard and issues in contemporary ethics /
_cedited by Melissa Fox-Muraton.
260 _aBerlin :
_bWalter de Gruyter GmbH,
300 _avi, 280 p.
490 1 _aKierkegaard studies. Monograph series ;
504 _aIncludes bibliographic references and index.
505 0 _aIntroduction: Kierkegaard's existential ethics for the 21st century / Mélissa Fox-Muraton -- Part I: Ethics and religion -- 1. Either religion or ethics / Shai Frogel -- 2. Reflections on Kierkegaard's internalist perspective and its relation to Social change / Liam Hughes -- 3. Kierkegaard's deep diversity : the one and the many / Charles Blattberg -- 4. Kierkegaard and interreligious understanding / Michael Glass -- 5. Clemency over forgiveness : Kierkegaard's Assessor Wilhelm as a response to Vladimir Jankélévitch / Viktoras Bachmetjevas -- Part II: Media And Community -- 6. Choosing for yourself in the age of the social media echo-chamber : some Kierkegaardian reflections on online algorithms / Christopher Black -- 7. Kierkegaard's critique of the Internet / Patrick Stokes -- 8. Can a refugee be one's neighbor in an ethical sense? : an attempt to transpose the transcendent category of love for one's neighbor from Kierkegaard's Works of Love into immanent ethical practice with reference to the contemporary migration crisis / Andrzej Słowikowski -- 9. Equality, mortality and community in "At a Graveside" : reading Kierkegaard alongside Nancy and Derrida / Tomer Raudanski -- Part III: Challenges to identity --10. The strength of a fragile mind : Kierkegaard and psychiatric ethics / René Rosfort -- 11. Existential ethics and liberal eugenics : Kierkegaard and Habermas / Mélissa Fox-Muraton -- 12. Creatures of habit : on second nature, habitual behavior, and ethical life in Kierkegaard / Jakub Marek -- 13. Despair and gender identity : reading Kierkegaard in a queer light / Oliver Norman.
520 _aWhile Kierkegaard's philosophy focuses on concrete human existence, his thought has rarely been challenged regarding concrete and contemporary moral issues. This volume offers an overview of contemporary ethical issues from a Kierkegaardian perspective, deliberately taking him out of the sphere of Theology and Christian Ethics, and examining the ways in which his works can provide fruitful insight into questions which Kierkegaard certainly never himself envisaged, such as accepting refugees into our communities, understanding how we relate to social media, issues of identity with regard to bioengineering or transgender identity, or problems of interreligious dialogue. The contributions in this volume, by international scholars, seek to address both the challenges and insights of Kierkegaard's existential ethics for our contemporary societies, and its relation to topics of current interest in the field of moral philosophy. The volume is organized into three major sections: the first focusing on the relation between ethics and religion, a topic of primary importance with regard to the development of religious foundationalism and the challenges of dealing with diverse belief systems within our communities; the second on our understandings of ourselves and our relations to others with regard to issues of media and community; and the third targeting more specifically questions of identity, and the ways in which the developments of modern science impact identity construction. This work offers new paths for critically engaging with the moral issues of our times from an existential perspective.
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_aKierkegaard, Soren,
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_aExistential ethics.
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_aReligion and ethics.
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_xMoral and ethical aspects.
650 4 _aIdentity (Philosophical concept)
_vMoral and ethical aspects.
_xMoral and ethical aspects.
700 1 _9814336
_aFox-Muraton, Melissa.
830 0 _aKierkegaard studies.
_pMonograph series ;
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