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_b.M36 2017 V. 2
245 0 0 _aMaritime economics :
_bcritical concepts in economics.
_nVolume II /
_cedited by Wayne K. Talley.
260 _aAbingdon, Oxon ;
_aNew York, NY :
300 _axi, 594 p. :
504 _aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
505 0 _a23. A time-varying risk premium in the term structure of bulk shipping freight rates / ROAR ADLAND AND KEVIN CULLINANE -- 24. Ship scheduling and network design for cargo routing in liner shipping / RICHA AGARWAL AND OZLEM ERGUN -- 25. Investment timing and trading strategies in the sale and purchase market for ships / AMIR H. ALIZADEH AND NIKOS K. NOMIKOS -- 26. Integrated maritime fleet deployment and speed optimization: case study from RoRo shipping / HENRIK ANDERSSON, KJETIL FAGERHOLT AND KIRSTI HOBBESLAND -- 27. Corporate governance, financial management decisions and firm performance: evidence from the maritime industry / PANAYIOTIS C. ANDREOU, CHRI S TODOUL O S LOUCA AND PHOTIS M. PANAYIDES -- 28. A frequency-based maritime container assignment model / MICHAEL G.H . BELL, XIN LIU, PANAGIOTIS AN GEL OUDIS, ACHILLE FONZONE AND SOLMAZ HAJI HOSSEINLOO -- 29. Ship routing and scheduling in the new millennium / MARIELLE CHRISTIANSEN, KJETIL FAGERHOLT, BJ0RN NY GREEN AND DAVID RONEN -- 30. Factors affecting the dynamics of yield premia on shipping seasoned high yield bonds / COSTAS TH. GRAMMENOS, AMIR H. ALIZADEH AND NIKOS C.PAPAPOSTOLOU -- 31. Estimating the probability of default for shipping high yield bond issues / C.TH. GRAMMENOS, N.K. NOMIKOS AND N.C. PAPAPOSTOLOU -- 32. The determinants of credit spreads changes in global shipping bonds / MANOLIS G. KAVUSSANOS AND DIMITRIS A. TSOUKNIDIS -- 33. Economic spillovers between related derivatives markets: the case of commodity and freight markets / MANOLIS G. KAVUSSANOS, ILIAS D. VISVIKIS AND DIMITRIS N. DIMITRAKOPOULOS -- 34. A gam assessment of quality premia in the dry bulk time-charter market / SEBASTIAN KOHN AND HELEN THANOPOULOU -- 35. Containership routing and scheduling in liner shipping: overview and future research directions / QIANG MENG, SHUAIAN WANG, HENRIK ANDERS S ON AND KRISTIAN THUN -- 36. Distribution-free vessel deployment for liner shipping / MANWO NG -- 37. The relative efficiency of shipping companies / PHOTIS M. PANAYIDES, NEOPHYTOS LAMBERTIDES AND CHRISTOS S. SAVVA -- 38. A survey on maritime fleet size and mix problems / GIOVANNI PANTUSO, KJETIL FAGERHOLT AND LARS MAGNUS HVATTUM -- 39. Investor sentiment for real assets: the case of dry bulk shipping market / NIKOS C. PAPAPOSTOLOU, NIKOS K. NOMIKOS, PANOS K. POULIASIS AND IOANNIS KYRIAKOU -- 40. The effect of oil price on the optimal speed of ships / DAVID RONEN -- 41. Maritime transport chains: carrier, port and shipper choice effects / WAYNE K. TALLEY -- 42. Does quality pay? The case of the dry bulk market / MICHAEL N. TAMVAKIS AND HELEN A. THANOPOULOU -- 43. A novel hybrid-link-based container routing model / SHUAIAN WANG -- 44. Liner ship fleet deployment with container transshipment operations / SHUAIAN WANG AND QIANG MENG -- 45. Sailing speed optimization for container ships in a liner shipping network / SHUAIAN WANG AND QIANG MENG.
650 4 _9385156
_xEconomic aspects.
700 1 _9653596
_aTalley, Wayne Kenneth.
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