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_aOchkov, V. F.
_q(Valerii Fedorovich)
245 1 0 _a2⁵ problems for STEM education /
_cValery F. Ochkov.
246 1 _aTwo to the fifth power problems for STEM education
260 _aBoca Raton, Fla. :
_bCRC Press,
300 _axxi, 374 p. :
504 _aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
505 0 _aDisplaying formulas as embedded calculations in scientific literature, textbooks and educational web apps or Chekhov's gun -- Swan, crayfish and pike or Scalar and Vector in computer calculations -- The gold-bug or Roman-Arab cryptography -- Solvers or the Mathcad magnificent seven -- Guess the image or The matrix game -- How much or The old task in a new way -- Catenary or The fifth element -- Live kinematic schemes or Arm of Hella -- Celestial Mechanics or Kepler's watch -- Recursion or A knight's tour -- Yes-no In Mathcad and maple or Boole's origami -- Fuzzy set or optimal fire bucket -- The journey of a circle in a triangle, and a triangle in the hollow or a self-directed computer -- Interpolation, extrapolation and fitting or Lies, damned lies and statistics -- Go there, knowing where to go or new Swiss watches -- Heads or tails or a three-way duel in Monte Carlo -- Geese are flying or the study of fishermen and fish -- Alphabetical puzzle or The computer helps who help themselves! -- Seven computational curves or Apollonius bicycle and Apollo guitar -- Journey from home to school on the fermat route or the second optical property of hyperbola -- Optimization of potential energy or curves of the second order in statistics -- Parallel computing or put yourself in order! -- How to calculate a ship or How you name a boat, is how it will sail -- How to calculate a rocket or ...And apple trees will blossom on Mars -- Hybrid calculations on the computer or one more about a cone -- Funicular polygon in statics, kinematics and dynamics or Isaac Newton vs Joseph Louis Lagrange -- BHL or application for the Ig Nobel Prize -- Tomography = IT mathematics, physics, biology or worker-peasant graphics -- A new ellipse or math porcelain set -- What lies behind a simplified formula or hybrid calculation of the Otto cycle -- Mad chain or physical and mathematical informatics -- STEM-education and science fiction.
650 4 _9585517
_aMathematical physics
_xProblems, exercises, etc.
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_xStudy and teaching (Higher)
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_xStudy and teaching (Higher)
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_aInformation technology
_xStudy and teaching.
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_aComputer science
_xStudy and teaching.
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