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245 0 0 _aAshgate research companion to ethics and international relations /
_cedited by Patrick Hayden.
260 _aLondon :
300 _ax, 492 p.
500 _aReprint. Originally published: Farnham, England : Ashgate Pub. Ltd., 2009.
505 0 _aIntroduction, Patrick Hayden -- Part I Ethical Traditions and Normative Perspectives: The origins of realism revisited, Gabriella Slomp -- Liberalism, Andrew Williams -- Cosmopolitanism past and present, Patrick Hayden -- Critical theory, Marxism and international ethics, Steven C. Roach -- Feminist ethics in world politics, Fiona Robinson -- Poststructuralism, Maja Zehfuss. -- Part II The Ethics of War and Peace: Just war theory and the ethics of war and peace, Brian Orend -- Humanitarian intervention, Anthony F. Lang Jr -- From state security to human security?, Matthew S. Weinert -- Ethics and weapons of mass destruction, Steven P. Lee -- Pacifism and international relations, Iain Atack. -- Part III The Ethics and Politics of Human Rights: Human rights universalism, Anthony J. Langlois -- Genocide: ethical and normative perspectives, Adam Jones -- Gender and human rights, Serena Parekh -- Children's human rights and the politics of childhood, Alison M.S. Watson -- Human rights democracy, Paul Voice -- Transitional justice: from the local to the international, Elizabeth Stanley. -- Part IV Dimensions of International Justice: Poverty, inequality, and global distributive justice, Luis Cabrera -- Political exclusion of refugees in the ethics of international relations, Mark N.F. Franke -- Human rights, human needs, human development, human security, Des Gasper -- Environmental justice: national and international dimensions, Ruchi Anand -- Multinational corporations and global responsibilities, Morton Winston -- Nationalism, self-determination, and secession, Omar Dahbour. -- Part V The Ethics of a Global Society: The ethics of global governance and global governance of ethics, James Brassett -- Understanding and analysing social movements and alternative globalization, Martin Weber -- Dialogue and international ethics: religion, cultural diversity, and universalism, Richard Shapcott -- The transformation of political community and conceptions of global citizenship, William Smith -- Index.
520 _aWhile skepticism about the role of moral considerations in international politics has been influential within the discipline of international relations (IR), those writing on topics such as war, peace, rights and trade up until the twentieth century took seriously the importance of ethical values and moral debates. The 1990s and 2000s have seen a substantial growth of attention to the ways in which IR conceives and analyzes themes of an ethical nature, and how issues, problems and policies involving ethics are addressed by a variety of actors within the international system. This indispensable research companion widens the perspective from 'ethics and international relations' to 'ethics in international relations', redressing the (mis)perception that ethical concepts, principles, norms and rules are not in part constitutive of the international system and the agents acting within that system. Necessarily cross-disciplinary, expertise is drawn from IR and also philosophy, political theory, religious studies, history and law, making this an ideal volume for any library reference collection.
650 4 _9684670
_aInternational relations
_xMoral and ethical aspects.
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_aHayden, Patrick,
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